Transformers OC requests

So, in the future, I plan on making a transformers comic series staring all of my Transformers OCs, based on my friend and I. However, I only have 9 OCs, and that’s hardly enough to fill a large ship like The Reaper’s Herald! So, I figured for the entire week, until September 17th, I should take request from this community!

All you have to do is give me a vehicle mode, a military function (like a spy or a soldier) and any other information you think is necessary. I will try and do all the requests, and each one will have a full bio based on the Tech Specs from G1. If you want a sample of what it will be like, click here. It will take you to my first OC, Fuselage.

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This is my transformers OC Redshot. Tho I’m not sure in which universe your RP takes place. I only have an Aligned Continuity backstory and Animated backstory. Either way, Vehicle mode should be a Cybertronian muscle car or 1974–1978 Mustang II when comes down to Earth. In Animated Continuity Redshot is an Autobot Police Officer. In Aligned Continuity, he is a former wrecker that deserted when Ultra Magnus took the mantle.

Either way, one very important factor is his personality which is same across both Animated an Aligned - that being the one of hotheaded person, eager to act sooner than to think, usually stressing both limits of himself and those around him.


Here you go man! I hope you like it!

Name: Redshot
Function: law enforcer
Motto: Act before you think-it’s called improvising!
Redshot is a hot headed police officer who will put others before himself. He has an act-first-ask-questions-later aditude that his superior, Ultra Magnus, despises. He will often charge right in instead of formulating a plan, which often times leads to disaster. Still, his spark is in the right place and he only means to do good. He is the chief security officer on The Reapers’s Herald and takes his job pretty seriously, but will still find ways to have fun.

Strength: 7
Alternate mode: Cybertronian muscle car
Weapon(s): hand held plasma rifle, energy baton

Anyways, sorry it’s a bit late. But I do hope you like it!


It’s superb, man.

Thanks! Glad you like it! You don’t have to, but would you mind spreading the word about this? I still need a lot of OCs if I’m gonna make a comic.

I had a Transformers RP here a while back, there are quite a lot of OCs you might want to draw inspiration from:

Here’s a hyperlink.

Thanks, man!

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Rip in rap that.

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I’d still do it, but most of the people that used to be in that RP left long ago. :confused:

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@Zero While you’re here, do you have a request?

Not a finished one. Yet.

Feel free to send it to me when you are finished

You still taking requests?

If so I gotta Transformer character, he is known as Dreadsaur.
He is a Decepticon Dinobot that looks kinda like Soundwave (G1 without the cassette player in his chest or a more bulky Transformers Prime Soundwave) with spikes on his back in robot mode and looks like an Allosaurus for his other mode also with spikes. He rarely ever speaks with others unless spoken to by a figure in authority (like Megatron or even Starscream), but he’s actually kinda friendly once you get to know him. He’s the kind of person that doesn’t necessarily like to fight but won’t back down from a challenge.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics for you to work off of, just the description. So I hope that won’t be a problem.

Also your artwork looks really good! :smile:

Sure! I’d love to do you’re request! Sounds like a really cool character and will fit right in with my group of misfit Autobots and Decepticons after the war!

Also, thank you!

Anyways, I should have it done in a few days, so expect it soon.

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Awesome! I look forward to seeing it. :slight_smile:

Also I forgot to mention my character’s military occupation in the previous post. So, Dreadsaur is a soldier, fighting on the frontlines against anyone his superior officer told him to fight (because he literally has to be told who to fight, he’s not the smartest around).

Here you go, man! Hope you like it!

Name: Dreadsaur
Function: ground troop
Motto: ???
The strong silent type, Dreadsaur had immense power that can rival that of Grimlock. He rarely ever speaks, unless he is spoken to by someone he finds to an authority figure. He will fight anyone his superiors will tell him to, and often times he will come out victorious. Often times, he can be found in the observation room of the Reaper’s Herald, always thinking. He is the brute that no one really knows what goes on in his head.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 5
Endurance: 7
Firepower: 3
Skill: 8
Alternate mode: Allosaurus
Weapon(s): magma blade


It’s beautiful. That is better than I ever could have hoped for. You are amazing! 3 awesome crocs for you :crocodile: :crocodile: :crocodile:

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You’re welcome man! By the way, would you and @MakutaTexxidos mind if I posted these on my Deviantart?

By all means, serve yourself.