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Isn’t Gatecrasher still inside the forge? Or did I miss him leaving?

In the forge, but that’s a kind of sound that would be A) hard to mistake, especially considering GC time in the Decepticon military, and B) Could easily be heard that far away.

As for where, it would be easy to deduce that it would be near the city, or the spaceport.

That’s fair. I was about to post something of the kind.

Though at the moment, Nova’s announced his intention to kill everyone in the forge and is currently working to make good on his word.

Whoops, missed that.

Well… Now I have to find a way to get them to stop fighting.

I just created this joke fantasy where Pixel is captured by Bludgeon’s team and kept as a pet/mascot, much like Baby Groot in Guardians 2.

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Chrome shouldn’t the shield absorb some of that energy?

just asking for more clarification

Normally it would, but it wasn’t built to take on a starship’s guns.

not meaning to be a bother.

but does Actaeon’s attack work? does it not?

Name: Nova Prime

Faction: none

Appearance: Nova Prime bears a tall and imposing figure, bearing resemblance to the unarmored Make Toys’ Hypernovae.

Nova also possesses a suit of armor that increases his size greatly. With it on, he resembles a cross between Iron Factory’s Steel Lucifer and the armored form of Hypernovae.


Weapons and Abilities: Lady Corona’s followers erred greatly on giving Nova Prime’s new body a vast array of formidable weapons, crafted from ancient cybertronian technology.

Nova wields two rifles in his robot mode, along with a greatsword with an energy blade. He is able to hover above the ground and fly using antigravity generators in his legs and back; his wings are actually weapons, the eight “feathers” able to transform into powerful energy cannons that can be used in both of his modes. Nova Prime’s targeting system allows him to attack multiple opponents with the cannons at once, and the wings can double as shields.

Owing to the circumstances behind his resurrection, Nova Prime can manipulate the powers of the Emberstone shard in his sparkchamber: he can create minions from organic (or techno-organic) material or sentio metallico, and can revive the dead. The shard can also resurrect himself, as well. The Allspark energies of the Hot Spot cube bestow upon him regenerative powers, and the forge’s machinery has granted him the ability to manipulate all four varieties of cybermatter.

Bio: Once, Nova may have been truly worthy of the title of Prime. But he grew mad with the knowledge and power the Matrix of Leadership bestowed upon him, and he ruled like a tyrant until he was slain in battle by the Angelicon order. But, motivated by a misinterpreted vision of the future, Lady Corona and her followers spent the last 7,000 years rebuilding his body and searching for a way to bring him back to the realm of the living. Unfortunately, they have now discovered that Nova will not be Primus’ prophesied savior- his time in the Pit seems to have made him only more evil and insane. He must be defeated, if Salvation’s voyage is to continue and the cybertronian race is to be saved.

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I’m not gonna be very active today.

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I’m going to be taking a quick break from RPing, to allocate my time a bit better, and yes I am planning on coming back.


So yeah… Didn’t had much of an interest into rping in the weekend.
Can somebody fill in with what happened? Is Nemesis still attacking? Did Bludgeon make the first move?

Nova killed Corona before running off to find a ground bridge, and Bludgeon’s fleet is bombarding the spaceport island from the sky.

Oh hey! A notification from Chrome! He already responded to my…



Hold up: I thought we agreed that Gatecrasher didn’t have any bombs, after we decided that one PC shouldn’t have the ability to annihilate a neighborhood.

I thought those were the air-to ground missiles. He kept the bombs, but couldn’t replenish them, I thought.

And to be honest, that’s about what it’s gonna take to get Nova to the point where we can take him out.

Not to sound rude but the average Cybertronian has the ability to destroy an Earth neighborhood just by trampling the buildings.

These robots are titans in comparison to earthlings.

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If memory serves, that was the in-universe explanation as to why he lost them, I believe; he used them all on that big Godzilla-esque sea creature.

Nova’s gonna be a tough boss, yes. But you won’t need overpowered characters to beat him.

Trust me; as an avid Transformers fan, I haven’t forgotten that. But a level of balance is still required in any roleplaying game. I haven’t allowed any of the other PCs to have that kind of firepower, and respectfully, I’m not going to make an exception for Gatecrasher.

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No, he just dropped 1 of his 2000 pounders.

My mistake, then. Regardless, Gatecrasher is formidable enough with a tank alt-mode, a laser gun, a rocket drone, an energy shield, a supply of sidewinders, and a rotary cannon. The bombs are overpowered, and frankly overkill with everything else he has.