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Is there a race track/simulator/relatively clear hallways to practice driving?

Salvation doesn’t have simulators, but it has some spacious sparring arenas and plenty of other open areas for that.

Gah, oh well. I had a neat idea if there were sims, but I’ll have to make do with normal stuff. (Any way I can get some drones to race against?)

The drones Salvation has probably wouldn’t be very good for racing against.

Darn… I mean, almost no one else on the salvation has an alt-mode worth racing against. Maybe Halfrunner, but he’s busy. Everyone else is either a flier, or not particularly quick.

If any of y’all are having trouble with getting your characters involved in things, this whole post is basically a bunch of hooks. Feel free to do something with 'em if you’re so inclined, and try interacting with other PCs some.

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You summed up Pixel’s entire purpose on the Salvation with one word, something I couldn’t even do. Except for maybe, “There is none


Question. What would happen if one bot tried to scan another bot’s altmode?

That’d be risky for most bots. The scanners wouldn’t just try to replicate the target’s vehicle mode, they’d try to replicate their robot mode as well, along with any other alt-modes they have. The resulting attempt to restructure the body to the new forms would be very traumatic and unlikely to succeed.

Pixel and Spectrum are exceptions to this, however, as are the Shifters of this universe, because their bodies are different.


Yeah, Pixel is basically made of LEGO bricks.

Broadwing took the blue key. Not the green one.

He took a Key, that’s what the Angelicons freaked out about.

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This is what I had in mind when I picked out the new beast mode. Starchaser’s biggest thing is flying, and that’s been clearly reflected (I hope at least) in her behavior and her altmodes. The space fighter and helicopter are military afair. Necessary for the job. But the prop-fighter is her own. A signature almost.

She owns the skies. The air is her domain. So when I thought to give her a beast mode, it had to be special. And this immediately came to mind.

A serpentine dragon that doesn’t fly, so much as dance through the air. The absolute peak of airborne grace and agility. It fits her perfectly.

And you know I already have a theme picked out that she’ll be blasting the first time this goes out into battle.

@Chromeharpoon le question. How possible would it be to incorporate mass shifting element into her new beast mode? Nothing drastic. Maybe just a double in size. Perhaps a bit smaller if necessary.

And perhaps there could be a drawback if that helps? In her larger state she could be a lot more aggressive, almost feral if left that way for too long. Being prone to friendly fire if agitated.

Just an idea I’m tossing out there. I just feel that a serpent dragon like this would be a lot more intimidating and effective if its bigger than a jet.


None of the vendors on Salvation currently have that technology available. That doesn’t mean it can’t be found later, though.

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Alright. Thanks.

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Huh? What does this mean?

My guess is that the character is either bullcrapping or has actually recovered stuff from below some kind of oceanic environment.

“Wetworks” is a euphemism for spywork/assassination. Sprocket was making a pun; he isn’t a spy, but he has done “wet work” (exploring oceans for Golden Age artifacts).

I got the first half, I just wasn’t sure if the second half was code for something.

Oh, my bad. Yeah, Conventus is a planet I made for the sake of PC origins/traits. It’s surface is mostly water, with a few island chains that cybertronian colonists have built cities on.