Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Wow, so humans in TotGA’s time must be really quite advanced.

I wonder if they’d be playable in a hypothetical sequel.

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Yeah, they are.

Twenty-first century pop-culture is still relevant though, somehow.


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Maybe it’s just a throwback season, like how kids still like songs from the eighties and stuff

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Would y’all like me to post the character sheets for the other predacon clones now, or should I wait until you guys actually fight them?

I say wait.

Oh no, I just referred to the youths of the world, excluding myself, without even realized it. My transformation to adulthood is growing more and more complete by the second.


Alternate theme for Starchaser.

I’ve got a better option. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, both equally well-fitting themes, that decision would be a hard one to make

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@Chromeharpoon dude… When you want do atmospheric, you go hard. That was amazing.

Thanks. I wanted to make sure you and everybody else knew what the Conflux looked like, since it’s kind of an important location. Whenever you guys find another Omega Key, it unlocks new stuff when plugged into the Conflux. It’s also where PCs can install upgrades into Salvation.

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Oh, now here’s a thought, could it be upgraded with a Charger socket? Because having the ability to phase 90° turns would be very, very useful.

If Darkside were willing to sacrifice his own, then maybe.

Hrm, I can see him doing that for the greater good. He never uses more than one or two at a time anyway. Well, filed away for further use.

Now to get back into the swing of things here.

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Currently, the upgrades that y’all have given Salvation are:

-Exterior energy shields
-Regenerative hull plating
-Improved interior defenses (in case the New Decepticons try to board the ship again)
-The Omega Conflux
-Allspark holograms (to add a little bit of narrative tension- they show Primus’s vital signs, basically)
-A ground bridge
-Improved facilities for Facelift, so he can give your characters better mods.
-And improved engex distilleries in the pubs (because why not?)

Current and future upgrades will be added to Salvation’s bio as y’all find them.



Though, I have to say if the charger port gets added, and if I get some of the other Charger powers, the Salvation will get pretty OP quickly.

I mean we got Battering Bubble, 2-D, Turn & Burn, and Phantom Form left to go. That’s not even some of the less useful ones.

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Motherboard’s telling jokes? ■■■■■■■■■■■■’s not being an aft? Has the world gone mad?!


Give sidestep unlimited access to these and you can bet your buttons he’ll literally haul the Salvation on his back while simultaneously kicking Bludgeon’s backside.

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I thought this wasn’t a question by now


Random idea for the future: a race.

As something to raise morale, a race is held. All ground based alt-modes are allowed.