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The science behind it doesn’t make sense though. To create a Black Hole, you’d have to make a gravity sinkhole, (assuming Einstein’s theory of Relativity) which requires something truly massive, either an object, or an Implosion of such scale it be impossible to reach a critical mass in a handheld device. I’m not an astrophysicist though so I can’t say for sure, I could be completely wrong.

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Such is Transformers. There is a lot in this franchise that blatantly flies in the face of and straight-up disregards science in more ways than one. Primus, the Allspark, sparks, Dark Energon; the list goes on quite a bit. If you’re looking for “hard sci-fi” that pays the laws of physics their due respects, Transformers really doesn’t fit the bill in any of its incarnations.


true, but the examples you mentioned can be excused as mythos or high tech, but this is just complete ignorance.

Chrome is trying to point out that TF, in general, doesn’t follow science to a “T” but is still fun as fiction like that is appealing because it presents a world without limits and a world that is nothing but limits can often be rejected by consumers as these stories were made to have them indulge in a bit of escapism and some simple fun.

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True, and I get that, I just think that’s a bit too far.

Again, such is transformers. I doubt that most of the writers are particularly wise in the ways of science, and just do whatever they think is cool.

Black hole grenades? Robot-gods and mechanical eldritch monstrosities whose blood revives the dead and turns the living insane? A giant building block that miraculously brings inert technology to life? Yes, it’s all utterly ridiculous and impossible. But that’s just how things work here, and Star Trek-like technobabble and good ol’ Space Magic are often perfectly viable excuses for it all.

Naturally, there are some limits in place so that a half-decent story can still be told, believe it or not, but in many cases Transformers does play fast and loose with science and logic, and that’s just how rolls.

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Point Conceded.

Which, if you look closely, seems quite reasonable, if you could test it, (Which of course you can’t)

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Just look at the “The SCIENCE!” Show on the Game Theorists YT channel for an example of this in many different gaming franchises.

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One of my favorite’s is Mnmenth’s reasearch lab on CNCNZ which goes throught the sience, (or lack therof) Behind Command and Conquer.

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  1. You do not account for density, so something of enough mass could be quite small, but incredibly dense.
  2. Transformers are 20x larger than humans, so the tech wouldn’t be as small as you’re postulating. Odds are it’s a small super collider that compacts particles until there’s enough density to create a micro blackhole, which then collapses on itself shortly after being fired

If you think this is nuts, read through Twilight of the Golden Age, my last RP, sometime. A lot of the shenanigans in that game could only be justified by straight-up space magic. This RP’s universe very much leans on the “fantasy” side of “Science-fantasy”, and I fully admit that I’m no scientist myself, which only contributes to the insanity.

I’m glad we could come to an understanding.

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Point Conceded

Still. That makes it about the size of a nuclear bomb, but it doesn’t matter because of the above point.

There never was a misunderstanding. I just thought it was odd, that’s all.

Oh, my mistake, then.

It’s cool. I see how I could come off as such. Plus I’m always over analyzing things.

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We all tend to over analyze the fictional stories we love; it’s, sometimes, part of the fun of enjoying it.

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true enough. it’s even better when they actually stand up to the scrutiny. (Inheritance Cycle and Star Trek.)

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Black Hole Grenades are too cool for science to make sense of them.


Oh, science works…until you pass the event horizon, then everything goes to crap as literally all the rules of science as we know them just break and fall forever into the eternally crushing depths of the black hole.

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And what about Song? I saw that Topside called her in in his quarters, is that still an option?

No; that flew out the window when the boss fight started, unfortunately.