Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

I love this!

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and it seems as usual my emoji reactions are broken again



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Now I am just confused.
So everything is fine now?

The ship isn’t getting attacked by a jellyfish and Blight’s still an imbecile, so I think so.

My favorite thing about Blight and Zip is that they’re both a different kind of stupid.


Yeah, pretty much.

So… Is the ofer still up?

Not at the moment.

Corona has mystic space powers. That’s it.

Also, now that things have calmed down, Could I make yet another character?

That’s honestly not as unlikely a possibility as you might think in this universe.


Name: Airstorm
Bot mode: Huge. Almost the size of the Savant when laying down.
Affiliation: Autobot.
Alt-mode: a C-130 Gunship

Bio: Nothing bothers Airstorm. Lose your energon inside of him? He’ll ask if your all right. Lose your temper and put a dent in his side? he’ll ask if your foot is alright. Nothing can ruffle his feathers. He lives inside the Hangars of the Salvation and hasn’t been to most of the ship. His head is about 3 yards from the roof of the hangar’s when he’s in bot mode.

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Aw man, I’m sorry, but this guy is much too large.

Okay. :pensive:

I just thought we needed an Omega Supreme style character.

Believe me, I love the concept, but I unfortunately didn’t balance the game to accommodate a player character that large and (presumably) powerful.

I mostly made him for the purpose of preventing another Jellyfish-esqe accident.

Just had that derp moment and realized that Daria lost most of her weapons. Her pistols are on that planet, sinking somewhere into the ocean and… I think her rifle is somewhere is Sprocket’s lab.

Gatecrasher can grab them.

I think, I’ll need to reread that fight, to see if they also flew out of the window. Or maybe it’s part of Deus now.

Dunno. But he’ll help however he can.

I’m thinking it might be best to leave the baby bot alone, besides the tools Daria had should be easy enough to buy.