Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

I mean, think about it! Why haven’t they found it before? Because it keeps moving, and whose going to look in an abandoned hulk for some ancient artifact?

Nope. It makes up about 80% of mine, but my activity on the Boards has been rather limited.


I’ll have SideStep mess with the Omega key tomorrow.
I want to think of fun ideas that would be, well, fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s the thing, I’m on almost constantly as the day progresses.


I had a thought,

A) can the Savant transform?

B) if not, could it be retrofitted to do so, similar to Juliana or the G1 stunticons? This would probably require both Facelift, and the engineering crew’s help.

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Likely not.

Unfortunately, probably not.

Oh well. I keep trying to find a way to introduce an Omega Supreme-esque character, and I get foiled at every turn!

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They said the same thing about the sdf-1, and it didn’t stop them, so it shan’t stop me!

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You know, one alternative I think you could explore is the way Fortress Maximus was scaled down to be a large Cybertronian in IDW’s comics, like his appearance in the Lost Light series.

I already tried that. It was vetoed.

He was really only a Titan in the rebirth and Titans return, every other piece of media has him shrunk down

Even in the earlier media where he was the Autobots’ main transport craft?

and the whole second half of the original TV show?

He wasn’t as big as metroplex and was Omega supreme’s size at most.

He didn’t appear until the last episode of g1.

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Uh… no. he was in the japanese exclusive Scramble city, and he appeared in just about every episode the AB’s were on earth (usually when they need someone to fight Trypticon). I mean, Starscream stole his EYES!


Maybe Chrome feels we have enough heavy weapons people in the RP?

That’s metroplex, not fort Max.

That’s probably it. I mean, gatecrasher is on par with Sixshot in terms of firepower.

your right. Dope slaps self I read it as metroplex.


it’s cute that you think that.

Metroplex never left earth as well.

have you SEEN Gatecrashers paylod? not to mention his 30mm, and tank mode with rockets. Also depends on the sixshot.

Didn’t really need to. Plus, he and Blaster had enough problems.

Sixshot is one of, if not the the most powerful decepticons in existence, capable of reducing entire world’s to ruin, with armor strong enough to withstand being stepped on by a Titan.