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Sure thing.

Ohh… sorry about that. I just meant Wafflemister. Sorry, I couldn’t double post.

I was gonna have Blight and Juliana talk, then have Laslow come and crash the party. I like the idea of him being the perpetual third wheel. Sorta like Micky Dolenz in the Monkees

Oh, my bad.

No, I just should been more clear.

Here’s something important: I now have a part-time job, as of this morning. That’s gonna affect my activity somewhat, but I’ll still be around.


Awesome! What kind of job?

Ay!! @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister there you are! If you don’t mind, I’d like you to help me introduce Laslow.

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Retail. Basically, my job’s to roam the local grocery store and pick out produce for online shoppers.


Yeah. Good exercise. Walmart I assume?

Neat! Hope it’s at least enjoyable.

Yeah, my Boards activity lately is minimal, if not entirely dead

Sure, what can I do for you?

Just have Juliana and Blight talk to each other so Laslow can crash the party. When you get the chance that is. No rush.

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Nah; Kroger.

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Ah. Cool beans.

Do you have a ■■■■■ today or is today a day off for you?

Today’s an off day.

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Currently Chrome controls Deus. He said he’ll hand off control when he gets the profile information up.

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Also, the bridge has been disassembled, landing at an airlock is unnecessary as Topside is, basically, in the open, literally one slip of his grip away from falling to what can only be presumed to be the floor of the dock and it’s a very long drop, by the sound of things.

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Oh. Okay.

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