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such vulgarity

Why can’t Megatron have a daughter??

He’s too prominent a figure. She would be way to important if she did exist. try aiming a little lower.

I do apologize. However, @ProfSrlojohn has a point in that Megatron is too prominent of a figure for a PC to have such a direct relationship with, and beyond that transformer “biology” doesn’t work like that in this universe. Telepathy, hypnosis, elemental control, and being a goddess of rage is also just too powerful for a PC, I’m afraid.

I hope that’s not discouraging. You can still create a character and join, but the one you’ve submitted needs some work, is all.

@Magneta, he’s right, don’t be discouraged, one of my characters needed substantial reworking to be accepted. You can just edit and resubmit Magenta with an altered stat line up. Don’t give up!

Ok how about no goddess of rage, and no element control and o daughter of megatron.

Name: Magneta
Faction: Decepticon turned Autobot
Occupation: Warrior, weapon of mass destruction.
Age: Young 22 in human terms
Personality:(She has 2) 1. Self sacrificial, Maternal, Motivating, Punk powerhouse. 2. See weakness.
Powers/Weapons: Telepathy, hypnotism Broadsword (Excalibur type) Rage.
Personality 2. rage. Easily brought on,but can be controlled. Will break free from personality 1 and can Separate from body to destroy everything.

That better?

She can use her telepathy to read decepticons minds then relay it to The autobots.

Okay, this is getting better, but it still needs some work.

This is still too powerful for a PC, unfortunately.

I’m still not feeling this, I’m afraid. We already had/have PCs with similar attributes.

Hrm… If you really want mental powers… maybe you could try telekinesis, the ability to move objects with your mind? But you might want to put a weight limit. but this is just a suggestion.

Or she could have magnets in her hands, like Windcharger or movieverse Jazz.

That could work. I say that like I have any control.

EDIT: By the way, @Chromeharpoon, I hope you don’t mind me creating that little park that Juliana, Blight and Pixel are in.

It’s cool. The city and Salvation are big places; y’all have the freedom to create your characters’ rooms and some small areas.

Okay. Just wanted to check.

I drew her myself.

I assume she transforms into a cat?

Ans is that fire she has in her hand?

Because flame throwing could be an option.

Yes she turns into a cat. And yes she has the power of fire

I like it! Weight limit… Bulkhead maybe?

What weight limit?

One of my characters turns into a tank with 2 cannons and a set of rocket launcher, and then also turns an A10 Thunderbolt attack plane, with a nearly full payload (he’s used a couple) he easily weighs almost 100 tons.

@Magneta May I see another iteration of your character’s sheet? Seeing as how you’ve made some more changes to her, I mean.


Happy Halloween folks!

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