Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Sorry guys; work’s keeping me busy. I’ll be on later today.

Got work tonight, sorry; not gonna be on for a while.

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Same I’ve been at work all day

Uh, @Chromeharpoon, when those guys that kidnapped Facelift went through that vortex thing, was that on the Salvation? Because, if that’s the case…

(stands up, steps to the other side of the room and takes a deep breath…)


(Please note that bit was exaggerated a lot for comedic purposes and had no intention of blowing out any eardrums)

In all seriousness, since when did anyone on the Salvation have access to or even know of the existence of a ground bridge?

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No, the bridge was in a secret spot elsewhere on the island. Sorry for the confusion.

Salvation doesn’t have a ground bridge.

Not yet…

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Oh, that makes a bit more sense…

I’m still confused how these guys know what it looked like, how to operate it and where it was since, as far as I understand, space bridges and ground bridges in this part of the TOTGA-verse’s timeline was rudimentary at best and theoretical at worst.

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Facelift’s kidnappers have been on Planet Omega for a while, and have had some time to learn how to use the space bridge and other pieces of ancient tech on the world.

Did Bludgeon send them?

Probably not. Bludgeon didn’t know Planet Omega existed until yesterday, in-universe.

So, it’s someone who has a bone to pick with Facelift…at least it’s not Bludgeon.

By the way, If anyone wants, Juliana is currently having a small breakdown dirtside, if anyone wants to talk.

Also, @Chromeharpoon, loved that battle mate. Love a good fight where you have to improvise and plan your moves carfully.

That doesn’t narrow the list down much, unfortunately.

Thanks! I sure loved running it, and hoped the rest of y’all that were able to participate enjoyed it, too.

Yeah… heck, even Gatecrasher has a bit of a bone to pick with Facelift.

Name: Magneta
Faction: Decepticon turned Autobot
Occupation: Warrior, decepticon princess
Age: Young 22 in human terms
Personality:(She has 2) 1. Self sacrificial, Maternal, Motivating, Punk powerhouse. 2. See weakness.
Powers/Weapons: Telepathy, hypnosis, control of all elements. Can use the elements as weapons. Broadsword (Excalibur type) Rage.
Weaknesses: Daughter of Megatron. Is still loyal to her father .
Personality 2. Goddess of rage. Easily angered,but can be controlled. Will break free from personality 1 and can Separate from body to destroy everything.


Hey! a new player!

One thing you might to do, is give her a transformation.

Nah, action masters for life

Sorry. 4 modes Black motorbike, Jeep grand Cherokee. Red Dodge ram, Gt 500 Shelby Elenore.

I’m sorry, but none of this would really work in the RP.

Woah. That’s alot. But, I’ll leave it up to @Chromeharpoon, who’s the GM. Also, if you want to talk to someone, I’ve got a character named Laslow who’s not doing anything right now.

EDIT: and he’s already commented.