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@Toa_Vladin I said Blackbeak was aggressive and had a disobedient streak. I did not say he was manic, uncontrollable, and bloodthirsty. You’re playing him wrong; please stop.

He also wouldn’t be able to carry Juliana’s gun.

Just so y’all are aware, you have a lot of opportunities to to upgrade Salvation right now. That’s what the room the Omega Key unlocked in the spaceport is for.


What? what do you mean by, “upgrade the salvation?”

So here’s the deal:

A few weeks ago IRL, Daria and Zepar unlocked a room in the spaceport with the Omega Key, that served as a control room for Salvation’s docking cradle. That’s why she was suddenly disassembled, which caused that prison riot earlier- the activation of the room triggered a repair protocol.

Zepar has found a device in that room that can scan objects and use them to create upgrades for Salvation. So far, he’s improved her interior defenses somewhat and given her shields and regenerative hull plating.

Y’all collected a lot of stuff back in Part I; this is a way you can put it to use.

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I see. Does it consume the object, or does it just magically replicate it?

Either way, I bet the Salvation could use a scan of Gatecrasher bombs.

From what I’ve seen so far, the panel scans the thing and then uses it to upgrade the appropriate system: the Savant was used to upgrade the automated systems, shields and hull plating, the bottle of Engex upgraded the distilleries and the handgun Zepar was given by Requiem slightly upgraded the weapons on the ship’s exterior.

Oh man… The amount of firepower it would gain from scanning Gatecrasher and Salvo would be obscene.

The problem there is that if it were to work on a Cybertronian, they would probably die as a result of the scan, deconstruction and implementation.

Perhaps some of the items and data from the culture ark could help?

Oh, I misread it, I thought you just scanned it, and it did it without resources.

In that case, just scanning one of Gatecrasher’s missiles might help.

In the end, it all depends on Chrome’s decision but him pointing out how the group collected stuff in part 1 is making me think he’s hinting that we should see what all we can use from the culture ark to upgrade the ship with.

Quick question, what’s the culture ark? I wasn’t here for that.

Just hop into the Salvation RP part 1 topic, the link should be in the first post of Part 2, and open the search bar and select “Search this topic only” and look up Culture Ark.

That should take you to the part of the game in question.

Blackbelt’s explain was pretty spot-on. If the scanner accepts the object, it’s consumed to create the upgrade.

That, and other objects, perhaps.

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I hope that Epsilon doesn’t end up falling into a pit or deep lake when this vision of the Star Saber vanishes.

Hey, @Chromeharpoon I found you in a bulk lego bin!

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Gasp! I’ve been found out!

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You should have known you can’t hide from me! I have you in my grasp!

does anybody remember that time when chrome actually had a chrome lego harpoon piece as the profile pic?


No, but now I want him to go back.