Transformers: Salvation

“So the plan as I’m understanding it, is to jettison these terrorcons once we get the chance?”
Actaeon thinks about,
“Where would you like them? Because my new allies and I can probably lure them there.”

There is a moment of silence as Broadband thinks, and comes to a realization.

Lure them?” she repeats. “Huh… getting 'em all in one place might make 'em easier to contain… or backfire horribly and get us all killed…”

Actaeon nods,
“It would be incredibly dangerous, and I would suggest that this would be a mission for only airborne units, as I fear ground units would end up trapped too easily. If we have a waiting Seeker-squadron this would be the best mission for them. Actually if we get them onto one deck would it be possible to jettison that entire deck?”

“I’ll do ya one better,” Broadband says. “We can’t evacuate an entire deck, but I can clear out a cargo hold or hangar bay.”

Actaeon nods and looks at his strange comrades,
“Can any of you fly?”

All of Requiem-IX bore wheels, grills, bumpers, and other indicators of cybertronian automobile alt-modes.

“Under most circumstances, no,” the squad leader quips.

On the bridge, Broadband gets the attention of the captains.

“hey! Somebody’s got the bright idea to herd all the walking dead into a hangar,” she says. “Y’know, keep 'em all in one place so we can dump 'em out easier.”

“Do it,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ sharply responds.

“Belay that,” Topside counters. “It’s too risky.”

“Our current containment strategy is clearly failing,” the Decepticon captain protests, turning to face his counterpart. “It’s risky, yes, but-”

“If we let them out, we risk the terrorcons scattering all over the ship,” Topside interrupts. “That would make containment even more difficult.”

“Captain Topside proposes a valid concern,” Motherboard notes. Some of the Decepticon members of the bridge crew eye her incredulously- she, a Decepticon herself, was siding with an Autobot?

“Yeah, but if it works…” Broadband contributes, earning a few odd looks from some of the Autobots on the bridge. She was now supporting a Decepticon?

Actaeon nods,
“Call me a heretic, because I’m about to do something if the bridge doesn’t decide on something. I doubt the decision will be to easily accepted.”
He looks at the injured,
“First things first, take your injured to the medical bay.”
He tells them where,
“Once they’re there, we will be able to focus on the terrorcons and have less worries.”
Actaeon looks at the bulkhead,
“Though compared to this my biggest worry is how our leaders will liken or handle the situation.”

“Maybe I can’t walk,” says the injured bot, “but I can still drive.”

The bot removes himself from his partner’s shoulder, and transforms to vehicle mode.

“Yeh can’t honestly think yeh can keep a hole swarm of terrorcons in line an’ lead 'em all to a hangar by yerself,” the squad leader says. “Like it or not, we’re stayin’ with yeh fer the time being.”

Actaeon nods,
“This is your choice, so if you die it is on your own head.”
He goes to the terminal to contact Broadband again,
“I have a better idea.”

“Noted,” the squad leader quips.

“I dunno, that last one has potential,” Broadband quips, the sounds of hurried debate audible in the background.

Through the bulkhead, the terrorcons could be heard clawing at the door. They had already broken through one earlier, and it could be assumed that they could do so again. Actaeon was on the clock.

“Put me up so all can hear.”
Actaeon states,
“Empty a hanger and I’ll lead this group and only this group to that hanger. Once the undead are trapped like frak send them to space. Then I’ll do the same with another group, and repeat the process until all terrorcons are gone.”

“Can do,” Broadband says, making it so that the bridge at large could hear Actaeon.

“That man does not know how to swear,” Flyby mutters, earning him an elbow from his twin sister.

That’s your biggest priority right now?” Brakeswitch chastises him.

“There is an art to profanity, 'Switch; you can’t throw in the word ‘frak’ just any-”

Getting back to the matter at hand…” Topside interrupts the bickering twins.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ had momentarily been rendered speechless. A random Autobot had come up with the plan?

“I propose an alteration to your plan,” Motherboard drones. “All five hordes are released simultaneously, and led to the hangar closest to them. This Expedites the process, reduces your workload, and saves you from any possible monotony from having to repeat the same procedure five times.”

“… That last one’s an odd thing to mention,” a gunner comments to himself.

Behind Actaeon, a rusted claw breaks through the bulkhead, swiping wildly at the air. The leader of Requiem-IX fires two bursts from his rifle, and the claw goes limp.

“Whatever ye’re gonna do, do it quick!” he implores.

Actaeon comments to Motherboard,
“I was prioritizing security over efficiency, however if we can do it the efficient way, then I guess I’ll kiss your aft pipes.”

Actaeon whips his head around,
“We don’t have the luxury of time, so you should probably do it now ASAP.”

“That will not be-” Motherboard begins to reply.

“That was a figure of speech,” Broadband explains to her.


“Affirmative,” Motherboard replies, looking to the captains. Topside nods, and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ hesitantly agrees.

“Confirmed,” says Motherboard. “I am opening the bulkhead closest to you now.”

Right on cue, the heavy silver door retreats into the ceiling, and terrorcons pour into the hall in droves, clambering over one another and shrieking madly.

Requiem-IX fire upon them, bellowing an array of taunts to get the undead’s attention.

Actaeon smiles,
“Thanks you guys are a doll.”

Actaeon grins,
“Hey, Scrap heap! Over this way!”
He called to the undead horde as he would begin to lead them to the closest hanger. He would shoot at them, though kept away from the area where his teammates were.

Every last terrorcon takes the bait, making a mad dash toward Actaeon and Requiem-IX. The fireteam transforms to their vehicle modes and takes off down the hall, luring the horde toward the closest hangar.

A draconic terrorcon pushes ahead of its fellows, taking flight and breathing a jet of violet flame at Actaeon.

On the four other terrorcon-infested decks, containment teams begin to repeat this strategy, baiting the undead into following them to a nearby hangar.

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Actaeon, now transformed into his flight-mode, transforms into his robot mode to dodge the flames. He unsheathes his energon swords and thrusts them up, hoping to hit the dragon’s underbelly.

An earth saying came to his mind. It was about knowing your enemy and knowing yourself, that way you would never need to fear the results of a hundred battles. It also went on and said if you knew neither you would lose every battle. This saying clutched onto his mind and bit into him like a parasite. With this parasite of a saying deep in the cyber-flesh of his mind, he fought and now he was facing an undead dragon.

The blades connect, slashing across the dragon’s underside and each producing a spray of Dark Energon. The large terrorcon roars and crashes against the wall, before regaining its bearings and pouncing at Actaeon.

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Earlier, the Autobot detective Alterion had requested the presence of one who understood the written language of cyberglyphics on the bridge of the derelict cruiser. Of our heroes, Arachnados, the Splitter brothers, and Zepar were qualified to help him.

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Some time later Arachnados approached. The detective could hear the sounds of many legs tip-tapping their way closer, and slightly sinister grumbling.

The massive yellow spider approached, rubbing his front mandibles together like hands.

“So, how can I be of service?”

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Actaeon charges at the beast this time jumping to meet it, his blades facing directly at the beast. His chest mounted guns blaze, as they fire at the dragon.