Transformers: Salvation

“Road Lord was once a soldier in an order, he had a girlfriend and everything, his girlfriend was called Acenettia but everyone called her Ace…”

She chuckled.
“OK, I am going to see if my lab is intact. See you soon.”
She said, flying off.

“OK, it already sounds extremely creepy. Go on.”

“Well, that is the goal but if we force another disconnect from here, it may tear the ship apart and drag us into the star and maybe the Salvation with it if the tractor beam is still online.” Zepar said, growling.

“We need to manually disconnect the three cables and disable the tractor beam.” He told them, “once that is done, the Salvation can fire on it and push the derelict into its fiery grave.”

Greasemonkey responds with a short wave goodbye.

“Now to see to those coolant pipes…” he says to himself, walking back into Engineering.

“We are three fliers. I take the middle one.” Gronius said.

“A spider, a dragon, a drone, a Cryo Condor and yourself make for a decent team and even one Terrorcon can be enough to ruin everything in single combat.” Zepar said, “I say we work as one team and take out the targets one by one; we will have safety and strength in numbers.”

“Well, once, they were ravaged by deceptions…”

“And let me guess, she died.”

“Everyone in his team except him died…”

“Great! So what? He tried to create a clone of her or something, only that her clone turned out to be male?”

“Pretty much, it drove him insane, trying to make the clone most like her, until…”

“So let me see, he tried toclone her 19 times, one of them are you, one Ace. OK, where do I start? Why did the clones ended up male if he worked on a female body, why don’t you have the same traits as her? If you do, why do you and Ace look so different? What does Aridocara have to do with this? Why did you tried to kill him? Or Ace? Why does Road Lord hate everybody that much, including you? How come Ace doesn’t recognise you? Why you hid as Roadkill, Ace 18? How didn’t Road Lord didn’t recognise you? What about that whole story with Road Lord’s master that had a mastet that had a master that had a master that swore to protect Earth? What about Earth?”

“The body was gone, he used the other’s parts, Ace and I chose different vehicle modes, Aridocara looked after me after Road Lord kicked me out, I went a bit insane due to road lord making us badly, Road lord told Ace I’m evil, Road lord became mad at the world after he was attacked by ‘cons, Ace was created before me, I wanted to hide from road lord, he did recognise be but he lied, Road lord betrayed earth!”

“Wow, many answers. First of, are you telling ne that he frankensteined the “clone”? That’s not a clone, and it will never be! Besides, if he wanted her to end up female, why did he made a male body? Second of, just because you chose different alt modes doesn’t mean you change your entire identity! Look at me! I look the same but bigger! Thirdly, you’re Ace 20? Not 18? Why did he made two Acea in the same time?”

“I was made before Ace, I have explored a different world!” Roadkill sighs

“Yeah… But… You said… Nevermind. So let’s see… The Decepticon that annoyed me my entire life tells me an extremely unbelivable story.”
She rose her blaster. “Prove it. Why shoukd I trust you? How do I know thay you are not lying?”

“Ask Road Lord, But you can kill me, but I apologise for what I said years back, it was wrong and rude

“Ha! Do you thonk I would trust him?”

Someone suddenly shoots Roadkill, it wasn’t Aridocara, it wasn’t even Road Lord!

It was Ace

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Delta jumps back in panick. The panick change to confusion as she realised who was the shooter.