Transformers: Salvation

Ace kills Roadkill
“Hello Delta!” He smiles

She clearly didn’t seem capable to turn back the smile.

“He meddled in stuff he didn’t belong in, Road Lord says it’s Gronius next!” Ace says, he transforms into vehicle mode and races away

“Wait! No! Ace! Come back!” she said, giving chase.

Suddenly, a dune buggy jumps out of the hospital, it was Aridocara!
“Come back here!” Aridocara yelled

Delta almost bumps into him.
“Quickly! Help me stop Ace!”

“Road Lord’s plan must’ve worked…” Aridocara sighs

She jumped on the back of his car mode.
“Go! Go!”

Aridocara drives as fast as he can, which is faster then Delta has ever gone before as he’s an illegally customised race car

Delta could barely retain her scream of scare.

Aridocara tried

“Ace!” she yelled in her coms.

“Sorry Delta!” Road Lord yelled, he was with Ace “Your friend is gone, he put up quite the fight but he’s gone!”


Gronius scratched on his back.

“Ace had strong feelings for a girl, I decided to remove these, did Roadkill tell you what he knew?”

“Everything! And I recorded him! I’ll show it to the captains!”

“Did he tell you about how Ace-1 so expertly betrayed me?” Road lord asked “I removed all emotion from Ace to make him more loyal, more trustable!”

“I don’t believe you and I never will! Aridocara! Towards the bridge!”

“Ace kill him!” Road lord orders, Ace raises his gun at Aridocara…

This literally was not possible, seeing that Delta and Aridocara were chasing the two, and that they were probably considerably behind them.
OOC: I mean, I don’t know how far behind they were…