Transformers Titans Return

I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so I hope this'll do. So robots with smaller robots as their heads, what's not to like? (Maybe except when they make a non headmaster character well... A headmaster.) Here's some of my favorites so far from the line.

so let's discuss and what not.


I've got Hardhead, Chromdome, Rewind, Hot Rod, Galvatron and a few others, looking to get Megatron and some others at some point

they're all pretty solid, I really don't mind that the non headmasters are headmasters, though one thing that's less than stellar is Galvatron's face mask, should've been a helmet

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@Middlefingerstudios I completely agree about galvatron. Though you have to admit some of the deluxes are quite close to perfect. Too bad there always being marked up to outrageous prices, or just impossible to find in stores. I haven't even found any of wave 3 besides Trigger-happy at my Walgreens, and even there they sell them for $17.99. Don't even get me started on online prices. I've pretty much given up any chance to get Hot Rod let alone Gnaw. Am I starting to sound whiny? Probably.


This entire concept.

Never liked headmasters, so titans return was pretty much dead on arrival for me.

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I find that these are better than the combiners releasing repeat figures. Also i love the characters that are coming out that havent had a remake in years. and then there's the gurren lagann vibe i sometimes get

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@RaptorTalon I'm sorry to hear that. Though I'm loving it ™ I think it's a great way to bring back obscure characters while also updating the original designs. Yeah the whole head thing is a bit weird after they leave the body what does it do? Does it just stand there?.

@Torma (insert I understood that reference meme.)
Those last couple of autobot waves for combiner wars were pretty bland. Especially that wheeljack.

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From what I've seen, this line is leaps and bounds better than Combiner Wars. I have Chromedome, Blaster, Ravage, and Laserbeak, and I'm hoping to get Fortress Maximus soon.


@Chromeharpoon I enjoyed 1 or 2 of the waves but as mentioned before they just became a bunch of repaints. I can't say much for fortress. Maximus other than that he looks cool and I've seen him on amazon for around $116 Heres a link (so I can get the badge) .[](


All hail lord megatron!

I also have Galvatron, Wheelie and Rumble. I really want Brawn right now


@JMP nice. How is he? So far I haven't been a fan of any of the voyagers (Maybe Galvatron) but Megatron is looking pretty good.

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Megatron is a moderate and personally outside of 3rd parties best choice for a Megatron in G1 or similar other than the big leader class. Oh yeah scale with other voyagers

(Megatron technically is the largest Voyager in the shot, it's just that perspective makes him smaller than Galvatron)
He turns into a tank and jet,
the worst of the two

the best of the two

He comes with an extra ridable gun that he can weild or use to extrend the cannon, he has excellent 90 degrees of movement in his elbows and knees, universal movement and thigh swivels, mostly free swivels in the upper arm and bicep swivels. The Pillars at the side of his head are optional and with bits of tweaking you can get some stuff out of the head. In general he's solid, and he does feel like he's a pretool of Blitzwing, so we might see Blitzwing

if you can find him without the extreme price of $50(A miracle if you find him at release/regular price) you should go get him if you want a megatron. If you find anything like the range of movement or the way the arms are formed bad and the like, You could skip the guy, but honestly this is my pick for Megatron atm


I currently have Deluxe Hardhead and Skullcruncher, Titan Master Clobber, and Legends Rewind, Kickback, and Gnaw. I'd love to get Kup, Triggerhappy, Twinferno, Topspin, Blurr, Sentinel Prime, Perceptor, Scourge, Powermaster Optimus Prime, Six Shot, and Broadside when he come out, and maybe Galvatron and Wolfwire. Though if I get Scourge, there's a good chance I'll get Galvatron, and then I'll have to get CW Cyclonus.

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Triggerhappy is gud.

Blurr is great, seeing as he was my first TR figure.

Chromedome and Rewind are gr8

Apeface, Horri-bull, and Crashbash are gud.

Scourge is meh

Skullcruncher needs floor polish in his hip swivel.

and Walgreens Brainstorm is noice.


The only real Brainstorm:

Sooooo... All of them? This new found power to quote is... Disturbing.

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No. I didn't include any of the titan masters, though I might get Ptero, Brawn, Apeface, Crashbash, Fangry, Overboard, and/or Sawback. I also didn't include any of the Legends, but I might want to get Wheelie, Laserbeak, Ravage and maybe Bumblebee but probably not. I also didn't include Highbrow, Mindwipe, Breakaway, Krok, or Quake. Not to mention Chromedome, but I'll probably get him, and Hot Rod, who I'll probably get, if not just to round out my '86 crew. As for the voyagers I never mentioned Alpha Trion, Astrotrain, Megatron, or Optimus Prime, but I might get him, though I'm not sure. I never said Blaster, Soundwave, or Sky Shadow. And I'd love to get Fortmax, but I'll probably never afford him, and I'd probably sooner get Metroplex. So in short, most of the titan masters, but really closer to half, probably halfish of the legends and deluxes, most of the voyagers, and most of the leaders.


That's alot of bonkles transformers. As for the titanmasters I'm not a huge fan. Yeah crashbash is cool but the rest seem like a excuse for Has(been)bro to not make deluxe versions.

Now to pull away from that sad thought, I recently went to my local Walmart and they REMOVED the transformer section. The only transformer they had was a 1 step changer in a pile of other toys. (No I didn't buy it.) So has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Well Clobber is pretty good. I'd definitely recommend him.

Most of the toy sections at the stores I usually go to have crap Transformer selections. Though I did pick up my new Kickback and Gnaw at my local Walmart, and Target usually has some good stuff, but I hardly ever go there, seeing as whenever I go into a toy isle at a store, its just to look while my mom and I are grocery shopping.

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i already own that.

Walgreens Brainstorm is good for a G1 brainstorm, that isn't Takara Legends.

The only one i have is Blurr

if the others are as good as he is then i say it's a great series
thought i do wish they would've painted him more
also the antenna thing on his head can't stay up because it's way too loose but it isn't that big of a problem IMO


one thing I can't wait for is for Black Shadow to be remolded into overlord

come on look at that mold, you know it's coming