Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Yes, I’m finished. You may be on your way.”
Railfire said, taking a step back.

Oddball gives Railfire a thumbs-up and jumps off the table, immediately turning to the Railroad Team (assuming that they were still in the med-bay).


“Interesting to note. Now, do you have any minicons around your living quarters? I’d love to find one…”

“No. Not that I know of at least.”
Razorclaw replied.

Just then Clawshot was walking by with some energon. He paid the larger bots no attention, as usually they never paid attention to him. So he was perfectly content, not making much of an effort to hide himself.

OOC: * is doing timeline mathematics to figure out how Hotshot went from being in the medbay to the commons area and back to the medbay. Other than Hotshot being incredibly impatient and just leaving before the Minicons made a decision *

IC: “What sort of information?” Their tablet asks.

OOC: Forget that bit. Pretend it didn’t happen.

Spirit’s head slowly turned around. Her rubber wheel feet stepping softly on the floor, “Hey there little guy…” She said in a soft voice. She was a tall cybertronian easily towering over a lot of the bots around, but she was spindly and gangling in her arms and legs. She gave an outstretched claw, whispering in minicon, “Hey want some help?”

Clawshot froze. Surprised by the fact that someone actually noticed him. Panicked he ran off into a hole in the wall. Spirit could hear a lot of minicon warbling. It sounded like some sort of back and forth between two individuals. A metallic smack, and then suddenly a different minicon was thrown out of the hole. This time it was Ramjet.

She gasped and gave almost gleeful squeal of joy, “My goodness! A little jet! You look all nice put together! Just an adorable faceplate too!” She took a step down and leaned down speaking in minicon, “What’s your name little guy?”

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Ramjet took a step back. Intimidated by all the attention he was receiving from someone so tall.


He sputtered through a normally incomprehensible series of beeps and bips.

“Aw, that’s a nice name…you alright there?”

“Uh… No. I-I’m just not used to this kind of… Attention. Wait a minute, can you understand me?”
Ramjet sputtered. Quite surprised.

Spirit nodded, “Why yes, I’m fluent. Pre-war skill I needed back in my old job. So what happened to your little friend there? He just ran off and pushed you out?”

Backbreaker hadn’t left the med-bay, and he speaks again.

“We need some guys who can spy on Iota,” he says. “Find out what this ‘tournament’ scrap is really about. Could also use some information on what’s outside the arena- defenses and such. We’re planning another breakout.”

Bwoo-wa-trill-vwoop?” Oddball asks the gladiator.

“Didn’t you just say that?”

Ramjet was hesitant for a moment before he spoke again.
“Clawshot doesn’t really like bigger bots… A lot of the minicons around here don’t. He pushed me out I can handle them better than he can.”

“I must admit you’re quite literate…the ones I used to work with didn’t talk as much as you have. It’s quite nice.”

“There’s probably a good reason for that…”
Ramjet said, scratching the back of his head nervously.
“Do you actually know what decepticons did to us back in the war?”
He asked. Suspicious of how cheerful a decepticon was towards minicons.

She paused, “Yeeees,” She said hesitantly, “You were used as power sources for weapon experimentation.”

“Hm. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that.”
Ramjet said in a rather dower tone.
“Captured, enslaved, tortured, experimented on. Used as power ups and living weapons. I’ve known minicons who got their mind wiped in the bonding surgery. That’s probably why the ones you knew weren’t all that talkative. Luckily I got paired with a good partner. Tidalwave and I used to be really close…”
Ramjet went quiet as old memories were pulled to the surface. He didn’t say anything else.

Railgun taps his right foot as he thought this over. Normally this isn’t something they would do, it would be too dangerous. Iota’s place was likely heavily defended or difficult to get to, even for them. Getting towards the outside was a whole lot easier to do, that part would not be a problem…Although, Iota would be quite distracted at the moment, based on how he was talking today. Perhaps they could get through after all.

And then some.

Railgun replies with the tablet, “We can do that, but would need to do so now while he’s distracted.”

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