Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Never doubted that,” Backbreaker replies.

Brunt gave a little wave, oblivious to the emotionless greeting.

Maximus looked out the window, and noticed it was dark out.

“Anyway, I better go meet Railfire in the arena. He’s probably waiting for me.”
Maximus said before walking out.

The room was quiet for a moment, until Hotshot broke the silence.
“So I’ve been meaning to ask. Are you two a thing or what?”
He asked casually.

Axis yelled with surprise.

“Come on. You can say you’re best friends all you want, but after seeing the way you freaked out after he got hurt, somethin’s gotta be going on.”

“No, there isn’t. He’s just a nutty predacon that I really get along with. Nothing more.”

“If you say so.”
Hotshot replied, leaning back.

“When will you stop getting into other people’s business?”
Demolishor asked in a nagging tone.

“When I got something better to do. Which is hard to come by given where we are.”

Maximus made his way to the arena, noting that the tribunes were oddly closed off. As he made his way to the entrance, he saw a large rack of weapons and equipment. Must have missed that the first time.

Looking down at his broken halberd, he had to make a decision.
“Well old friend. Looks like this is it.”
He stored the broken pieces away and looked over the selection of weapons. He picked out a decently sized shield and a dense sledge hammer with a short handle.

Holding the blunt weapon he immediately thought of one of his favorite characters. Thor, god of thunder. (I might have forgotten to mention that Maximus has a huge fascination with Norse Mythology in his profile)

He tossed it around a few times, and using some careful electric manipulation, he figured out how to magnetically pull the hammer back after he threw it.

This put a wide smile on his face. He could see it now. Walking out onto the battle field, and hearing “God of Thunder!” shouted with his entrance. It would be the perfect stage name.

Maximus then walked out and saw Railfire, standing in the middle of the arena, with his arms crossed. The beautiful pale moonlight shining off of his polished armor.

“Took you long enough.”
He stated bluntly.

“Sorry. I was talking with some friends and lost track of time.”…

OOC: @ajtazt there’s a scene I wanted to do with Railfire and the minicon. But due to the way things worked out I had to move on. So we’ll still do it, but retroactively. Playing the scene out as it would have happened, and then jumping back to the current moment.

Machbreaker stays put for a couple moments, frozen in uncertainty. He warms up slightly and at least comes out from his hiding spot, but does not go over to Railfire or in his view yet. If the doc were to look over, he would see that Machbreaker is trembling with anticipation, his entire body having a light vibration. Whether he was prepared to bolt for it or charge in for an attack, it’s hard to say, he looks ready for either.

“Zlip, zop?” “Uh, hi?” His voice sounds a bit confused, but doesn’t betray a sense of fear.

Railgun’s wheel grinds against a panel of metal as Tie-Grabber slowly removes it.

“Yesh!” Tie-Grabber complained. “This is definitely not up to code! I couldn’t sabotage this better if I tried!”

“I doubt Vex follow Cybertron building regulations.” Railgun retorts, finishing grinding the piece off and starts wielding where the piece used to be.

“Oh not in the slightest, quite barbaric in fact!” He says it quite high and mighty. “But I thought I figured out their system and this blasted beam throws all that away. There’s always exceptions, but this is beyond exception, this is dangerous.”

“At least it’s almost finished. Thirty cycles ahead of schedule.”

“Thanks to the new box of scraps! Poor guy. Could have finished this sooner if you didn’t send of Machbreaker. His rockets are much better at this.”

“Potential endangerment to our plans, we couldn’t risk–”

“Speaking of which,” Tie-Grabber’s tone turns more serious as they finish their work on the wall. “He should have returned already.”

The two take some steps back and admire their work. The wall itself looked almost like nothing changed, but the Minicons had changed it so that part of it would slide back and up out of the way. It was almost like a doggy door, albeit a bit more sturdy to prevent cleanup crews from finding it. Now they could get from this room and into a different one quicker than before.

“Perhaps there’s more intel than I expected. Let’s go get some Energon, bring back some for Machbreaker. No later gone than then for sure.”

As they make their way to the cafeteria, the two do stop and take a look towards the medic’s place. They notice the door is shut tight, which does not bode well. Still, knowing their brother’s skill, they head to get some food. Upon entering however, that’s when they notice Juliana and Demolisher are there as well. The two look at each other as the realization dons on them. Machbreaker was trapped in the doc’s office alone.

“Whirlp whirlp whirlp click wirlp!” “By scrap and debris! We have to–!” Tie-Grabber almost exclaims in panic, but remembers just enough to keep his voice low. Of course, Railgun cut him off.

“Blurk klunk chrink chrink. Clrank blurp blok blek. Chrink.” “We don’t have a passage to that area yet and we can’t blow down the door. Wait for one of these scrap heads to beat each other senseless and need repairs. We’ll get him after that.” Railgun grit his teeth as he said this, hating every word but knowing it was the best course of action.

Observing the room, Tie-Grabber sighs, succumbing to Railgun’s argument. Working around the various bots, they eventually make it to the counter where rations are served. Tie-Grabber uses his crane arm to snag a couple Energon cubes and pulls them down. They catch the cubes and look around for a place to hang out for a moment. Particularly if any other of the small guys are around; Minicons, cassette formers, Oddball, really anyone else that can speak their tongue. They tended to keep to themselves, but they realized it was good to occasionally socialize with others. Keep minds fresh and new ideas coming.

Whoever they end up going towards, if anyone, as Railgun suspected, it wasn’t long until arguments broke out and violence was seeming near by.

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Oddball could be seen trying to start up a conversation with Spotlight (@meepinater), though with little success.

Backbreaker walks away from the group, looking for something else to do, something to keep him busy until the fights started up again.

Railfire looked to the frightened minicon with a warm smile.
“Do not worry. I won’t hurt you. As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy you little minicons. Scurrying through your little tunnels. You’re excelent at keeping secrets. As no one can understand what you say. Not even myself. It is because of this, that I feel more open around your kind.”

He gently patted a spot on the medical table.
“Come. Sit. Lets talk.”

The next round of battles wouldn’t begin until the next morning. In the meantime, Thundercracker and Cyclonus were up for conversation. Blackout and Skywarp were both in their barrack cells. The massive copter bot up to his own devices, while the black and purple seeker was still sleeping, having never gotten up today.

Backbreaker decides to converse with Thundercracker, shouldering through fellow prisoners to have a seat beside the seeker.

“Well howdy there.”
The grey and blue jet bot said happily.
“Been one hell of a day hasn’t it?”

“I guess,” Backbreaker says with a shrug. “What’ve you been up to?”

“Oh nuthin’ much.”
He said plainly.
“My pals and I have mainly just been talkin’ 'bout the new guy.”

“What ‘pals’?” jabs Backbreaker. “You know there’s a difference between tolerating your presence, and actual friendship, right?”

“Oh well I uh… Well… Huh.”
Thundercracker started out with his cheerful and confident tone, but slowly declined into a monotone melancholy.

“Well old Skywarp and I still get along just fine!”
He said, bouncing back, and cheering himself up.
“Always have been, always will be. Shame he wouldn’t get up today. Lazy bot.”

Backbreaker tries to recall if it was normal for Skywarp to make such extended stays in his living quarters.

Ever since his defeat at the hands of Gronius, and his demotion down a rank, it wasn’t rare for Skywarp to sleep in fairly often. Sleeping in an entire day was rare, but not unheard of.

Reflecting on Thundercracker’s words, there was a very subtle hint of worry when he was talking about his seeker friend. Even though he tried as hard as he could to make it seem like he wasn’t worried about it.

Backbreaker stands back up.

“Come on,” he beckons Thundercracker, “let’s drag that lazy bucket of bolts outta his room, eh?”

Machbreaker lets out some small, nervous little beeps.

You know? Not good. Means others know. He thinks to himself.

He looks at the spot, lets out a deep breathe, and hovers on over. He lands with a graceful thud and sits down, looking up at the bigger bot.

“Zlip zlip?” “What’s up?” He bends his forearms upwards, almost giving a shrug motion as he moves his shoulders a bit up.

The two go over to Oddball and take a seat. Railgun mindfully starts biting into his Energon cube while Tie-Grabber sits there a bit absent mind. The little crane then smiles and looks to Oddball.

“Click whirl whirl? Whirlp whirlp!” “Which one is begging to have their rations taken? I feel like fishing!” Tie-Grabber swings his crane arm is a casting motion.

Railgun internally sighs, but will let him do this. All work and no play makes a Minicon rebel and start a union. And those just went incredible.

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Oddball shrugs in reply, palms facing the ceiling.

Wappa-bzzzt,” he buzzes.

“Not one for fishing, myself.”


“…Granted, I’ve never actually done any kind of fishing, so take that as you will.”

“Well now it is time to begin your training.”
The old medic unsheathed two curved short swords. The blades were perfectly sharpened and polished. Shining in the moonlighting. He clearly took substantial care of them.

“In my day, I was a noble warrior. The finest swordsman of my platoon. After the war, I put my swords away, for what I assumed to be for good. But now… Things have changed. And I will not allow any offspring of mine to be so lacking in combat skill. So face me! Give me everything you have, and hold nothing back.”
Railfire crossed his blades in front of his chest, and readied his stance for battle.

Maximus said with an eager nod.
“I promise I won’t let you down!”
The predacon charged forward, shield raised and hammer above his head.

The two clashed, and their battle began!

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.”

(Past event)
“Everyone sees me as the old and fowl tempered medic, when beneath that I am so much more.”
He said warmly.

He walked over to the standout closet door and opened it, revealing two beautiful and well maintained swords.

“I am a warrior above all else. But I prefer that everyone believe the surface they know.”

With a deep breath he removed the swords, and gently laid them on the table.
“It has been centuries, if not longer, since my blades have tasted combat. But tonight that all changes.”

He then looked to the minicon. He could tell the small bot was nervous about something… And it wasn’t hard to guess.
“I’m sure you’re surprised. I will admit you hide your tunnels well. But nothing happens within the walls of this colosseum without my knowledge. Lucky for you, I’ve never been one for conversation. I am the only one who knows. And I have my secrets, and you have yours. And now, we both know each other’s.”
Railfire had a calm smile on his face, as he reflected on pleasant memories.

“I trust you enough to keep my secret, and I hope that you trust me enough to keep yours.”

Backbreaker begins to walk toward the barracks.

Thundercracker follows. More than a few of the prisoners had decided to call it a night and headed into the barracks.

Skywarp was laying on his charging table, snoring.

If anyone were to listen carefully, they could hear the sounds of clashing metal and the shouts of battle, very faintly in the distance.