Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

Spirit nodded mechanically, “I’m doing just fine, you stay with that soldier and the rest of your group alright? Don’t need you getting hurt,” she said analytically.

Spirit slowly got up, “Good you can help me back to my room, pay me back for biting off my hand in that rage of yours,” she said with a mechanical yawn.

“Oh. Well, I, uh…”

Backbreaker wasn’t quite sure what to do in this situation.

“…Ahem, uh, anyway, I guess I should see what all the commotion’s about. Uhm… get well soon, and all that stuff…”

With that, the gladiator makes his exit from the medical bay, cringing at his ineptitude as he heads for the commons (@MaximusPrimal).

“Wait!” she calls after him, “It’s not your fault!”

He winces a bit in response. “Oh, sure. I suppose I could do that, once I’m repaired. Sorry for that.”

She leaned back with a nod, “I’m sure you didn’t really intend for that to happen no worries,” she said calmly.

Grimlock was in the commons, making quite the commotion. Everyone practically had their backs pressed against the walls in fear. Meanwhile in the center the champion was in the middle of an arm wrestle with Blackout. The normally stone cold decepticon looking almost terrified.

Railfire quickly finished attaching the mismatched arm, as well as fixing up all the other damage across the body.

“There you are. All patched up. You can go on your way.”

Spirit nodded getting up woozily, “I’ve been wanting to get in a chat with you,” she said with a slight mechanical groan, “Hope you don’t mind?” She asked coolly.

Penicillia blinked and hoped off her new raptor friend rushing over to look and see who was going to win. She bounced right up onto the table and wrote a simple “Hello,” on her sign.

“Thanks Doc,” he says as he gets up. Though he flashes a confused glance at Spirit’s comment. “Okay. We can talk on the way to your room.”

He heads out, supposedly with Spirit in tow.

Once they are in the hall she yawns, “So, I don’t recall seeing that predacon in our little skirmish. So I’m going to assume that you’ve managed to use your illusions to screw up how our dear delightful dragon looks. I can’t say I’m exactly upset right about now,” she said with a mild chuckle, “but you are intriguing. I don’t plan on ratting you out, not yet at least, I’d just like to know…why are you hiding? Who are you?”

With some of the bulks gone, Railgun waves to Nebula. He had no intention of doing it around Spirit, not after those statements. Though he doesn’t wait and already walks over to Nebula, the other two shortly behind.

“Have you talked to the others yet? The smaller combatants were reported to have caused trouble earlier today. Seems he was getting sloppy.” Railgun said to her.


“Maximus” puts on his best confused look.

“What? No, I got rid of him! I don’t think you realize how long you were out. Someone else barged in.”

She drooped, wings sloping down, “That’s a pity, I was really hoping you’d trust me…at least have a conversation, don’t take me for an idiot, there was no way that dragon was doing anything. You were just dancing around him, and I was quite hoping to meet that little ram again…well enough about that, we can play pretend. Didn’t you like that little guy? He was just adorable.”

“A ram? Oh, one of missile launchers. I don’t know, a lot less cute when firing missiles…”

As they make their way to her quarters, he keeps an eye out for a good place to shove her in. She really is a pain.

She decided to just let the subject rest for the moment, “But he makes adorable little baaing noises! It’s just completely delightful!” She paused, “So, hypothetically, what do you think that fellow’s master plan was? I think he mentioned something about Unicron…poor guy must have been brainwashed I think,” she shuddered, “What do you recon our friend’s case was? Why would he hide for this long? Wouldn’t someone go a little mad just being in one spot? How was he able to pick out his disquises?” She jumped just a little, “Ooo, maybe he was using the device that was the, the, the…” she stumbled over her words in her eagerness, “The holotrainer! That’s the word!” She looked at Maximus with a gleaming glass face, “Must have been interesting seeing everyone’s stories to some extent eh? Still, can’t fathom what his goal would be. War’s over, so sins have been forgiven…to some extent,” she mused and then shrugged, “Enough of my controlling the conversation, your turn.”

Neither Grimlock nor Blackout notice, to preoccupied with the arm wrestling match.

“You mean my team? No, I haven’t seen them since this morning.”
Nebula replied.

Meanwhile, Railfire started work on the green predacon “Maximus” brought in. He was still knocked out, but by the looks of it not for long.

She sat down on the table and got her medkit and started to look over things smiling cheerily.

Oddball sits on a stack of energon cubes, watching Grimlock and Blackout. Backbreaker stares at the two giants, dumbfounded.

“Uh… hey.” he waves to Grimlock.

Juliana chases after him, stopping behind him, her breathing unusually heavy for such a short distance.

Once she collected herself, she straightened up, and noticed Grimlock there. “Oh… Hi Grimlock. How’ve you been?”

Grimlock slammed Blackout’s hand down on to the table, shattering it, and then quickly pumped his other fist up in excitement.

“Me Grimlock win again! Who else want to challenge me Grimlock?”

Railfire tried to stop Juliana before she left.
“Wait! I haven’t finished making sure the new organ is running effectively!”
But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to reach her before she got too far.

“Me Grimlock having fun!”
The champion said eagerly.

“At least someone cough is enjoying thenselves.”

Penicilia raised her newly drawn sign up, “Hello, I’d like to play a game! Do you like darts?”