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Aaanyway, I’m gonna start making the game topic.

Innit? Here’s her bio by the way.

In case you’re curious.

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And it’s up!

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No, I didn’t sorry. I forgot it was Laslow I ported over, not Juliana. To be honest, I’d rather play her. Do you mind if I link up her Bio from Salvation and then play her instead? (Per your approval of course)

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Go ahead.

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Thanks. I’ve always enjoyed playing Juliana more.

it’ll also give me an exuse to add some songs into this

A few things that will be changed:

A) her blade skills. She uses her skills in entertaining, (singing, dancing, and the like) in her blade style. She moves through her dance routines, adding strikes of her blade too them.

B) her gentleness. While she is still the same gentle, caring soul she is in Salvation, she understands that it’s kill or be killed, and won’t hold back if forced to fight in the arena.

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Very interesting, but the origin doesn’t work. Humanity as a whole is almost entirely uninvolved in this universe, and I haven’t nailed down exactly how Earth’s and Cybertron’s timelines line up here.

She’ll have to have a new origin to her, but other than that I like the character.

Hrm… let’s see… how about a member of a traveling neutral entertainment group, that was captured? The rest of the crew being killed in the battle?

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That can definitely work. Perhaps going into the performer business after the war, and was captured before the introduction of Maximals and Predacons. Only knowing them from the few she’s met in the arena.

That was my thought yes.

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Alright then. She’s approved!

I’ll edit the last post to line up with yours.

Gotcha. Thanks a million.

Also, this may be a stupid question, but will 2 of the same players PC’s be fighting in the arena against each other?

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In time, yes.


Also, she’s got no emblem, she neutral. (Unless those don’t exist in this.)

They exist, but only technically. When the great war kicked off, everybody had to pick a side. So it’s not hard to imagine she might have sided with the autobots, got the badge, and then avoided active combat as best she could.


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@ProfSrlojohn She’s not short. She shrank. They all did.

Autobots and decepticons are roughly three times the size of their descendants. The Vex shrank them to their scale as a means of security. Giant towering prisoners are harder to keep under control.

I know, but I always imagined Juliana being somewhat shorter than the other cybertronians of her time anyway.

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Oh, alright. Granted she wouldn’t be that short, but it still works.

How much do our characters know about Iota’s champion?