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Wait, this is Delta’s crush?


He’s a fighter, a warrior, a leader but a bit of a scoundrel…

I feel some awkward moments coming.
And a fight between Alpha and Gronius.

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I would love to see that

While this all gave me a laugh, I’m afraid I can’t accept it, unfortunately.

Beyond that, though, Alpha seems good.

New character, if that’s allowed.

name: Juliana (Jewel-E-ana)

faction: Nuetral (with autobot leanings)

Appearance: In robot mode,

somewhere between Nautica,

and windblade.

Alt mode: a Bugatti Atalante

Weapons & such: not much, but just before she boarded the Salvation she had gattling guns that flip out from the sides added. She also has a small blade, almost like wakizashi, but with a European style blade.

Personality: Very charming, and extremely attractive by transformer standards, but extremely shy and reserved. Think Olivia from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Bio: Juliana was created by Human named Craig Philips {for the record, mostly random name}. Craig loved his car, He waxed her every week, made weekly tune-ups, and kept her running like a dream. Only if she could talk back. This gave Craig an Idea, over several years, he manged to change his beloved Juliana into a transforming robot, but she had no life, no spark that would make Juliana into a living thing being. So he traveled to Cybertron. He smuggled Juliana onto a cargo ship and they both rode it to the planet. He than snuck into the Autobot city and stole a protoform. He made his way out of the facility and found an abandoned building in a deserted part of the planet. He spent almost a week installing the protoform into her frame. Then she moved. She came to life, just like he dreamed. She was beautiful, and he told her so. “Oh, your just saying that.” she responded. She was a shrinking violet, just like he envisioned. Craig and Juliana went back to earth.

They spent a good 20 years together on earth until Craig passed away, as all living things do in the end. she then decided to join the Salvation. She now works as an entertainer at Antillian Sunrise.

For now, I’ll keep accepting new characters.

Anywho, I like Juliana’s concept. It’s a very neat and original backstory. There’s just one problem, though.

Unfortunately, this universe’s Vector Sigma is inaccessible at this point in the timeline, and has been for a very long time. However, the backstory could still work if this Craig fellow instead took a spark from a Hot Spot somewhere.

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two questions

what in the name of Mata Nui is a Hot Spot,

and did you get who Craig Philips is referencing?

Sorry, I forgot this is Prime. I only ever watched the original tv show plus the first 3 Headmaster episodes. I didn’t know that it was any different.

I’m glad you like the back story, I wrote it in about 10 minutes, I took heavily from Pygmalion from greek mythology.


It’s from IDW. Basically, it’s a place where sparks form without bodies.

Actually, this universe is pure fanon. It does take a lot of inspiration from Prime/Aligned, though.

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Oh okay.

well, you never said when he reached Vector Sigma., was Vector sigma ever active in the timeline?

Oh, Vector Sigma is active. The problem is that nobody can get into it because the key’s been lost for ages and won’t be discovered until TOTGA.

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That’s what I meant.

Just so we’re on the same page, what do you define as Vector Sigma being active?

Being able to be communicate with. like in the original tv show.

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Then no; Vector Sigma hasn’t been, as you define it, active.

There is only one way in or out of its location and those doors only open in response to its Key.

Seriously, in TOTGA, everyone tried everything short of leveling the city of Kaon to try and get inside and it never budged at all.

in what?

Transformers: Twilight of The Golden Age (TOTGA) is an RP that Chromharpoon GMed and is what this RP, Transformers: Salvation, is a prequel to.

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Yes, it was, but that was ages ago, unfortunately.

Oh well. Can we just assume that he found one of those hotspot things so I don’t have to rewrite it.