Star Wars: Lockdown OOC and Signups

Name: Juliana Ferros
Gender: Female
Faction: Self-Employed
Species: Human
Age: 22

Weapons/Tools: CDEF Blaster Pistol
( ), and a CD-15A blaster Carbine. (

Abilities/Capabilities: Knowledge of how to fly starships and speeders. Familial connections to the Hutt Cartel and the Empire

Appearance: Fairly normal human, Nut-Brown hair with Green eyes. Body shape somewhere between Triangle and Hourglass. White skin, with a splattering of freckles. Fairly common clothing.

Bio: Juliana just wants to go home. Her family has long been involved in… less than savory enterprises, dealing with both the Hutts and the Empire. Juliana however, didn’t dind this life appealing. She just wanted to open a flower shop back home so she didn’t have to deal with people. However, her family dedided that it was time for her to get started in the family buisness, and set her off with a couple blasters and some credits to make her way as a bounty hunter. This is her second job, but her last job gave her a sense of paranoia, as the last employ attempted to seduce her rather than paying, and she had to bolt with the money. She hopes this will go somewhat more smoothly, though she’s not so sure about hunting Jedi…

Juliana is a simple soul. She doesn’t care much for war, idealisims or anything else like that. She just wanted a quite, simple life, no daring escapades or adventure. Life had other plans. She’s quiet and shy around new people, and too trusting for her own good at times, though she isn’t without a modicum of sense. She’s a fair shot with a blaster, and she was taught how to fly a ship, but nothing exceptional.

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Name: R3-D20

Gender: Male (Masculine Programming)

Faction: Rebellion

Species: R series Astromech Droid

Weapons and Tools: Same as R2-D2.

Abilities and Capabilities: Same as R2-D2


(Made at Disneyland)

Personality/Bio: Sassy little droid who has a hobby of collecting hats and helmets (kinda like the hobby Ezra had); his excuse being “I don’t care that they don’t fit! You guys get to wear and use them all the time, so why can’t I?!” He helps Ygdras with nearly everything: slicing computers, being his backup, his partner in starfighters and sometimes a bit of a nuisance with his sassy remarks getting the two of them into many arguments over the years.

Hey!  I want blasters!



“R3, you have jets boosters, oil slick and Force knows how many other contraptions in there.”

Fine!  You meatbags-

“Rephrase that!”

(Argument ensues)


@BlackBeltGamer98 @ProfSrlojohn accepted

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Imperial admiral will be kind of a character under my control to command any imperial forces in the game

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Yay! Juliana is now cross dimensional!


Sure, but other dimension versions don’t exist in this universe haha

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Well, she’s a humanized version of my transformers charecter of the same name.

That was the joke.

Also, just for fun, her theme song.

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So, Traykar, is your guy on the Empire’s side or the Rebellion’s?

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Imperial leaning, he works construction for them.


Hopefully, he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

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Considering I’m confused about the new RP PM rule, I’m gonna ask this in this chat @BlackBeltGamer98 and/or @meepinater would either or both of you like to lead the rebel forces kind of how the admiral is leading the imperials?

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I’d, personally, rather the Rebels also be led by an NPC so that we can focus more on our characters’ specific tasks and actions.


Fallen Order made Inquisitors waaay cooler for me

Name: Darvin Nailo, goes by Eleventh Brother
Gender: Male
Faction: Empire
Species: Human
Weapons/Tools: A variation on the typical Inquisitor lightsaber with a curved hilt
Abilities/Capabilities: Darvin has power in the force comparable to other inquisitors, and his lightsaber skills are geared heavily towards dueling and fighting without his weapon if need be (form 2).
Appearance: He is 5 feet 11 inches tall, with dark hair and pale skin.
Personality/Bio: Darvin was still a padawan when order 66 took place, and for a few years he and his master lived in hiding. But once the Empire found their hiding place, his master showed his true cowardly colors and left Darvin behind in their escape. Left bitter and vengeful towards his master and the Jedi as a whole, he willingly joined the inquisitors to try and find his master and get his revenge. He was once a kind soul, but this trait was inevitably eroded away by his master’s betrayal and the brutal training methods of the Inquisitorious. That said, he is a little nicer to the stormtroopers beneath him than other Inquisitors and he is more willing to try and turn Jedi he finds rather than killing them. Darvin also hates it when anyone else butts in on an honerable one-on-one duel with a Jedi.

I can tweak this to be a purge trooper if need be


What blackbelt said, I think
Plus, Kay’s not really one for leadership

ALso, would the three jedi know each other at this period of time and regularly work together?

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Likely so. That’s my guess.

I think you should be good to be an inquisitor. Thanks for joining!


Name: The Third Brother
Gender: Male
Faction: Empire
Species: Humanoid
Weapons/Tools: A standard inquisitor lightsaber, but the circular portion has an edge to it, allowing it to be used as a blade. (and no, he will not be using his lightsaber to fly)
Abilities/Capabilities: The Third Brother has honed his skill with the lightsaber, becoming a feared dullest, occasionally relying on slight bursts of force speed in order to gain an edge over opponents. He also posses powerful telekinetic force abilities, being able to send crushing force pushes and pulls, as well as the ability to stop blaster bolts for a limited amount of time.
Appearance: Tall and imposing, the Third Brother wears a black flowing coat/hood built into the standard inquisitor light armor. He wears a black knight-like helmet with a thin, red, angular vizor, (something like this, not my art though)

and talks with a semi-robotic static in his voice which pairs well with his already raspy breathing, giving him an almost inhuman presence.
Personality/Bio: An inquisitor revered by many, the Third Brother has a stern but fair personality. He is a man of little words, yet despite his imposing presence, can show unexpected compassion to those around him, often making sure innocents and subordinates stay unharmed during fights. He leads from the front, but always has fellow inquisitor’s backs when danger arises. The Third Brother was called into Fondor by Admiral Witock along with the other inquisitor(s) to deal with the capture of Chimm.


Heck yeah that’s great man!

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I might as well slap in another character, just to have some fun.

Name: TK-3516, or Thirty.

Gender: Male

Faction: Empire

Species: Human

Weapons/tools: Standard E-11 blaster rifle, SE-14C sidearm, and various lock-picking and splicing tools.

Abilities: Aside from standard stormtrooper training and very, very basic pilot training, Thirty has been trained in picking locks and splicing. He is very adept at getting into places he shouldn’t be in, both in the physical and digital. He is often assigned to stealth missions or covert operations that need more tact than blasting a door open.


(But in whites and greys, like a standard trooper)
He is slightly skinnier and shorter than the average human male, and he has clear blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, usually neatly combed back.

Personality/Bio: Thirty is a quiet man, not usually speaking unless he needs to. He was taken into the Empire as a child, his parents sending him to the training facilities to become a Stormtrooper. His entire life has been built around the Empire. He is a well-traveled person, having seen much of the galaxy throughout his many missions. He doesn’t believe what the Empire is doing is the right thing, but he has known no other way and thus keeps on serving them, at least until he may find an apt opportunity to turn his life around. He is a lonely man, without friends and he hasn’t seen his family since his childhood before the Empire.

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Don’t think this is like a super necessary thing as he probably won’t be on the field at all, but here’s Adam. I just took the officer with trench coat template and made him super pale with dark gray hair
Credit to outerrimartworks and smacksart for the template