Star Wars: Lockdown OOC and Signups

Year: 0 BBY
Location: Fondor
Chimm was walking to his apartment from his factory job. A job he only had to have clearance on Fondor, where there were several imperial shipyards. He was there on a mission from the rebel alliance to try to find out as much as possible about said shipyards, and about imperial ship construction. He would go back and forth, inspect components, take them to the yards, go back, inspect more components. At the end of the day, he’d report his findings to the alliance. It was a scary life, but he had no room for fear. He couldn’t let it distract him from his mission, or from his dedication to the Jedi order… or what was left of it.
He unlocked the door, and sat in the middle of his small one room apartment to meditate. He reached out with the force, and began to hover over the floor. Feeling out for every Jedi left. He had found Kanan Jarrus, who had died years ago. Kanan’s apprentice was missing, and Chimm couldn’t find him reaching out. Master Yoda was on Dagobah, surrounded by the strong Dark presence there. Master Obi-Wan, who had supposedly found the chosen one, was on Tatooine- wait, no… where was Master Obi-Wan? Chimm tried to reach out. He wasn’t on any planet. He felt a darkness looming wherever the Jedi master was. A darkness filled with rage, hunger for vengeance, but Obi-Wan seemed… at peace, as the darkness overcame him. Despite Obi-Wan being at peace, Chimm couldn’t be. The one who was to train the last hope for the Galaxy was gone. Chimm felt fear overtake him. “Get away!!” The young Jedi shouted, causing several objects in the room to fly into walls. Shortly after, he heard pounding at his door. “Open up!” The imperial troopers outside shouted. Chimm looked at the window. He had thrown something through it, presumably alerting the troopers. From across the room he opened the door and pressed a button on his data pad before engaging the soldiers

“This is Admiral Adam Witock of the galactic empire. It has been discovered that there is a Jedi cultist among our shipbuilders on Fondor. I would normally send my legions of soldiers, but the expendable masses are ill-suited for this task. I call on you, bounty hunters, to assist our Inquisitors and Purge troopers in finding this deceiver. The suspect is a tall, slender Togruta male. Bring him alive. The city has been locked down to prevent his escape. If he’s killed, the killer will by charged with murder of an untried suspect and executed. Good luck. You will all need it…”
Transmission ended

Gameplay rules:
•No auto hitting or auto blocking/dodging
•Please keep your character’s behavior consistent to their personality
•Do not try to control characters besides your own. A GM will control NPCs.
•This is intended to be a non-linear PvP game, obviously each character will have their sub-plots, but don’t force the whole RP in the direction of your subplot, and try to keep your exploring of your character on topic to the RP and don’t go on some crazy tangent away from the plot
•I already have one inquisitor selected, and two additional Jedi (besides myself). I will allow two more inquisitors, most likely the first two to sign up after the pre-selected player, unless I want to wait for other options
•Combat will be decided between players, unless a player intends to have their character killed off, it will not be killed except for GM intervention.
•Additional notes about the combat, be logical. If I skilled Jedi is going up against a smuggler with a pistol, the jedi wins 9/10 times. Please please please be reasonable if we want a fun game

Character Bio
Name: Choose a name likely to fit your character’s species.
Gender: No comment
Faction: (empire, rebellion, or self/bounty hunter organization)
Species: Nothing OP, or extinct at the time of this RP (same time as New Hope)
Weapons/Tools: No lightsabers, except for inquisitors and pre-selected Jedi, we can’t have everyone being a smuggler or bounty hunter that just happened to find one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy
Abilities/Capabilities: What is your character skilled in, and if a species has specific abilities, list here (for example Ithorian throat scream thing)
Appearance: Obviously nothing outside the species’ limits.
Personality/Bio: Be reasonable


Name: Chimm Kulah (Undercover as Kaiden Chimm, Imperials and bounty hunters would know him by this name)
Gender: Male
Faction: Rebellion/Jedi
Species: Togruta
Weapons/Tools: Green lightsaber, datapad
Abilities: An impressive mastery For his age of self-enhancement/defense force abilities (speed, strength, healing, defensive abilities), also quite good at offensive abilities and telekinesis, but not to the same extent. (Comparable to the abilities of a younger Jedi master, such as Obi-Wan)

(Credit to Smacksart and Outerrimartworks for the template and accessories)
Personality/Bio: A survivor of Order 66 along with his friends Kay and Ygdras. He suffers from sadness over the genocide of the Jedi, especially his friend Kaiden who died protecting him and his fellow younglings on Illum. Sometimes this is expressed in anger, but usually just a coldness towards others, but he tends to be more open with Ygdras and Kay.


Name: Ygdras (Undercover name: Treehorn. Rebel code name: Silvas)

Gender: Male

Faction: Rebellion, Jedi.

Species: Dathomirian Zabrak

Weapons/Tools: Purple bladed lightsaber, modular blaster pistol with a sniper configuration, headset, a few thermal detonators.

Abilities/Capabilities: Incredible Force mastery for his age, specializes in more offensive abilities and counter-attacking styles of combat (Form VII: Vapaad). Excellent marksman with a blaster and wicked throwing arm with a detonator. Has been studying Dathomirian Magick (these records are few and far between but he does still keep up as best he could). Some knowledge of the powers the Dark Side can grant but tries to keep to the Light Side. Is competent in healing and defensive abilities but he’s a frontliner through and through.

As a Zabrak, he has a much higher pain tolerance than your average Joe and due to his two hearts has more stamina than the average human (can run harder and faster over longer periods of time).


(Credit to Rinmarru(?) Games for the avatar creator game used)

Personality/Bio: Survivor of Order 66, has some scars from it and has had some trouble trusting people who served in the GAR (Grand Army of The Republic), especially Clone troopers. Has a temper but tries to keep it in check. He’s very protective of those he cares about (his team, Chimm and Keya to name a few). Has studied what little he could of The Force as a whole but has tried to keep to the Light Side and keep a balance of Light and Dark…this has included some study of Dathomirian Magick to try and broaden his knowledge of The Force as it is Force-based.

Here’s hoping this works.

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Mind if I add an astromech droid?

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Name: Kaduna, or Kay for short.

Gender: Female

Species: Mirialan

Faction: Rebellion

Weapons/Tools: Kay always carries a custom medkit filled with tools and supplies, as well as a small toolkit. Along with a small blaster pistol, she also carries her lightsaber, a long, staff-like hilt that, when ignited, had a slightly shorter blade at the top. The blade was a dark, vibrant green.

Appearance: Kay has grown to be a slender but short young woman since her encounter with the clones long ago. Her tattoos had been added to, now counting two under each eye and three more bridging the gap over her nose. Her eyes had grown slightly lighter, and her hair, still blue, had been cut short and dyed at the ends to a vibrant purple/pink color. She has numerous scars running up and down her arms from the many misadventures she’s had.

Abilities: Kay is highly proficient in her ability to heal with the Force, as well as modern medicinal studies and techniques. She has grown in the Force and is particularly adept at tricking enemies’ minds.

Personality/Bio: After her survival of order 66, Kay, along with her surviving friends Ygdras and Chimm, searched for a safe haven. She joined the Rebellion against the Empire, wishing to help others. Under the guidance of the Rebellion, she became an adept field medic. Despite growing greatly in the Force, she has kept her powers a secret from everyone. Since the execution of order 66, however, her personality has changed her into a quiet person who, for the most part, keeps to herself. She has an extremely hard time trusting people and is ready to pack her things up and leave for another planet if needed to.

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Name: Digg Caden
Gender: Male
Faction: Imperial sympathizing pilot
Species: Shistavanen
Weapons/Tools: Brass Knuckles, Blaster pistol, Blaster Rifle
Abilities/Capabilities: Above average strength, speed, and senses with an average intelligence.
Appearance: Tall and muscular, greyish brown pelt, yellow eyes, and typically wears his prized jacket over an ordinary flight suit.
Personality/Bio: A product of years of Imperial Propaganda campaigns, Digg developed a love of flying, and grew up hoping to join in on the Empire as an ace pilot. Unfortunetly for him, His application to join the naval academy was denied for reasons that totally aren’t the empire being racist against non humans. On condor, he was eventually able to find work in the construction business, one of the numerous pilots operating Y-45 Armored Transport Haulers to assist in the transit of heavy machinery.


@meepinater accepted
@Traykar accepted. I quite like this one. Interested to see what he does
@BlackBeltGamer98 go ahead! Would it be more of a sidekick for ygdras?


More or less.

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Yeah that sounds great.

Name: Juliana Ferros
Gender: Female
Faction: Self-Employed
Species: Human
Age: 22

Weapons/Tools: CDEF Blaster Pistol
(CDEF blaster pistol | Wookieepedia | Fandom ), and a CD-15A blaster Carbine. (DC-15A blaster carbine | Wookieepedia | Fandom)

Abilities/Capabilities: Knowledge of how to fly starships and speeders. Familial connections to the Hutt Cartel and the Empire

Appearance: Fairly normal human, Nut-Brown hair with Green eyes. Body shape somewhere between Triangle and Hourglass. White skin, with a splattering of freckles. Fairly common clothing.

Bio: Juliana just wants to go home. Her family has long been involved in… less than savory enterprises, dealing with both the Hutts and the Empire. Juliana however, didn’t dind this life appealing. She just wanted to open a flower shop back home so she didn’t have to deal with people. However, her family dedided that it was time for her to get started in the family buisness, and set her off with a couple blasters and some credits to make her way as a bounty hunter. This is her second job, but her last job gave her a sense of paranoia, as the last employ attempted to seduce her rather than paying, and she had to bolt with the money. She hopes this will go somewhat more smoothly, though she’s not so sure about hunting Jedi…

Juliana is a simple soul. She doesn’t care much for war, idealisims or anything else like that. She just wanted a quite, simple life, no daring escapades or adventure. Life had other plans. She’s quiet and shy around new people, and too trusting for her own good at times, though she isn’t without a modicum of sense. She’s a fair shot with a blaster, and she was taught how to fly a ship, but nothing exceptional.

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Name: R3-D20

Gender: Male (Masculine Programming)

Faction: Rebellion

Species: R series Astromech Droid

Weapons and Tools: Same as R2-D2.

Abilities and Capabilities: Same as R2-D2


(Made at Disneyland)

Personality/Bio: Sassy little droid who has a hobby of collecting hats and helmets (kinda like the hobby Ezra had); his excuse being “I don’t care that they don’t fit! You guys get to wear and use them all the time, so why can’t I?!” He helps Ygdras with nearly everything: slicing computers, being his backup, his partner in starfighters and sometimes a bit of a nuisance with his sassy remarks getting the two of them into many arguments over the years.

Hey!  I want blasters!



“R3, you have jets boosters, oil slick and Force knows how many other contraptions in there.”

Fine!  You meatbags-

“Rephrase that!”

(Argument ensues)


@BlackBeltGamer98 @ProfSrlojohn accepted

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Imperial admiral will be kind of a character under my control to command any imperial forces in the game

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Yay! Juliana is now cross dimensional!


Sure, but other dimension versions don’t exist in this universe haha

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Well, she’s a humanized version of my transformers charecter of the same name.

That was the joke.

Also, just for fun, her theme song.

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So, Traykar, is your guy on the Empire’s side or the Rebellion’s?

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Imperial leaning, he works construction for them.


Hopefully, he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

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Considering I’m confused about the new RP PM rule, I’m gonna ask this in this chat @BlackBeltGamer98 and/or @meepinater would either or both of you like to lead the rebel forces kind of how the admiral is leading the imperials?

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