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I can’t remember it.

Contaplaiting if I should join or not…the idea of a Gladiator RP within the Transformers setting is definitely interesting…

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Well I’d be interested to see what kind of character you’d come up with if you do. Though given your specific reputation with RP characters, I might be a little more scrutinous with the details.

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I was thinking of bringing my character from TOTGA Hammer, with abilities that are somewhat similar to Captain America, just because when I made him, I always had in mind that he was a formidable fighter. That’s his shtick, no superpowers like Maximus for example with his Electricity Manipulation.

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A down to earth brawler who doesn’t rely on fancy tricks to get the job done. Only counting on his own strength and skill. I like it!

But again, I want to make this clear. Given your reputation in RPs, I might end up leaning on your actions a bit more than others. At least for a while. And I hope you don’t mind that.

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I’m glad you seem to like the idea and I don’t mind it, as long as you are fair and mature about it.

Of course. Thank you for understanding.

Anyway, go ahead and write up a character sheet, and we can get you in. Once your character has been accepted, I’ll fill you in on the plot so far.

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Name: Hammer
Faction: Autobot
Appearance: Hammer in Robot-Mode, resembles a muscular and strong figure, that is equally as agile. His stature is about twenty-six feet tall, with some notable difference from the picture reference: The Decepticon symbol is replaced by an Autobot insignia and the purple bits all around him are replaced by bright blue glowing lights. His red optics are replaced by equally as bright light blue ones to accommodate the Autobot look.

Alt-Mode: Hammer is not a Predacon, so his Alt-Mode is certainly not a Beast one. But his fast lite fighting jet Alt-Mode, with the same color scheme as in his Robot-Mode will most certainly do.


[details=Sword of Malfeasance]Sword of Malfeasance: Hammer’s Sword of Malfeasance is one of the weapons he acquired during the Great War of Cybertron. When Hammer enters in combat and doesn’t use his fists, which at times he prefers. He wields his Sword which by itself is a formidable weapon.[/details]

[details=Shield of the Protector]Shield of the Protector: Like his Sword of Malfeasance, he required this strange yet very effective shield during the Great War. It still is a prototype to this day because it was a weapon that was still in the making process of the Autobots responsible for the Science Department. Surprisingly enough, the Shield can be used as a primary defense and offensive weapon, and Hammer over time has mastered it to its fullest capabilities. The Shield at first works just like a normal shield, that can block certain blaster fire and hand-held weapons upon contact. However, it is more than meets the eye as it uses the energon stored in it to create a circular shape, almost like a disk weapon. It can also absorb somewhat of an amount of kinetic impact from attacks.

The first picture to the left is the shield in its so-called normal state.

And this is how the shield pretty much folds with the use of energon, to form a circular, disk-like shape form.[/details]

And last but certainly not least, Hammer was a mouth plate function that functions similarly to Optimus’ mouth plate, protecting his face and use it at his will. And two forearm cannons on both of his forearms which he can call upon by partially transforming the upper plating of his forearms. He may certainly not like to use a lot of firepowers, but make no mistake for they are as formidable as any other forearm cannon.

Abilities: Hammer’s bodily functions are pushed to the above-average of Cybertronian Conditioning, therefore, making his strength, speed, stamina, sense, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills remarkable.

He is strong enough to punch an individual to cause them to stagger back and bend certain metals with his bare hands, being fast enough to catch-up or even at times outrun moving vehicles, able to exert himself to peak capacity for hours, having top-efficiency with even small amounts of energon reserves in his system, while enough to climb tall buildings, leap to high feats into the air and distant miles, reflexive enough to quickly dodge multiple weapon fire, incoming attacks, and fast motions, accurate enough to achieve multiple small and further distant targets, capable of living a bit longer than the average Cybertronian, durable enough to withstand normal physical or projectile attacks, intelligent enough to understand complex problems, able to heal himself with enough energon, flexible enough to coordinate his limbs perfectly and his combat skills are advanced enough to defeat a certain large group of enemies.

Hammer is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat being very skilled in multiple Cybertronian Martial Arts. His training first originated under the Autobot Combat Experts during the Great War, whose fields of expertise were any kind of Martial Arts and even Ancient forgotten ones. While the majority of the instructors’ curriculums were simplified for training their Autobot forces. It is possible that they trained Hammer in the more complex techniques because his body was already developed enough, being able to understand combat knowledge and put it into practice.

With years of training and experience with his shield, as well as its physical properties, allowed him to accomplish amazing feats with the item. Aside from being used to bash foes and blocking incoming attacks, he is able to throw it nearly perfect aim, hit multiple targets with the same throw by means of ricochet and can achieve a boomerang-like return affect because of his left forearm magnet, allowing him to strike enemies from behind or retrieve the shield without objects to ricochet from, as well as being a skilled swordsman with his sword.

Though he seems like a tank, years of training and experience made him an expert acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist with proficient marksmanship, being able to throw most projectile weaponry with an aim, as well as using firearms.

And lastly, he is a very strong-willed person. As he is able to overcome most forms of temptation and resist some effects of extreme pain and toxins to an extent. He accepts the reality that eventually he too will die at some point, giving take a few more millions of years, he refuses to rob any sentient creature of its freedom.

Personality: Hammer has a Good Spark and most of the time can be a Good Person, though like everyone. He is not perfect, he too makes mistakes sometimes by being narrow-minded, having one view on certain things and a one-sided ideology that sometimes, even Hammer himself questions. Though he didn’t play a Commander’s role during the Great War, his master planning and military tactics earned him a nice spot within some important bots during the War. He can plan ahead of people and be a few steps ahead of his opponent and be prepared for anything, but no plan is not doomed to fail and no preparation can prepare you for everything, so he can make mistakes and can suffer from them.

Though, eons of the Great War made him look stern and with a bland side to him, crack him up just a bit and you can see him displaying many emotional traits such as being, kind, good to people and generally happy, optimistic in direst of times and helpful for those who cannot defend themselves. While he particularly doesn’t want to kill anyone, in battle he can use his savage might and cunningness to out best and defeat his opponents.

Believe it or not, he can laugh as well and take jokes accordingly, though there are some boundaries one should not step. Should he find a joke funny he would laugh about it and when he sees someone sad or out of hope. He will try to crack a joke or give them hope to those in pain and hopelessness. But like any sentient being, he has his limits and can get upset and during fights, should he be pushed hard enough, he may become ruthless but tries so very hard to keep his darker emotions in check.

At the end of the day, whatever it is, he will always do the right thing by being selfless, rising himself for the greater good and help. For that is his purpose, to not waste what he so greatly was blessed with by Primus himself.

Bio: During the Great War of Cybertron, Hammer joined the Autobot Military because he believed in their ideology, he believed that every sentient being had their right for freedom and that Megatron was a threat to that freedom, the Autobot forces tried to fight for. Because of his abilities, he was a formidable soldier but far from being a perfect one, he could get hurt and even die under the right conditions like anyone but his will and optimism made him live through the War and tell tales about it.

Though the War would end eventually and so, Hammer didn’t find any meaning in staying on Cybertron any longer. Because he remembers his good times during the War, for he made many great friends who are unfortunately dead or missing. And so, being left without a purpose he took an Autobot Ship and flew into the far reaches of space and explored some places in the Galaxy that were just marvelous to look at, study and visit.

Little did Hammer know that the unknown species that call themselves, the Vex took control over Cybertron and imprisoned its inhabitants while also exiling the remaining Autobots and Decepticons. And so when Hammer returned back to his home and landed on a ship parking lot, he was immediately taken into questioning and it didn’t take took too long for the Vex to commandeer his ship, which even now lies in their possession. The Vex had information about this War Hero, his prowess and abilities, he was dangerous though they decided against killing but rather to strip him off of his Freedom and throw him into the Pit of the Gladiatorial Arena where he would have to fight for his freedom, just like any other Cybertronian who were now labeled as slaves and personal amusement for the Vex to watch, as they slaughter each other.

Hammer values peace and freedom above else, though most would be hopeless. Just like in the Great War, Hammer couldn’t give up so he will fight for his Freedom and will follow this Maximal, called Maximus into a Revolution that will hopefully dethrone the Vex and send them back from the pit they crawled upon.

Fun Fact: So, when I made Hammer, I knew that his abilities are similar to Captain America, mostly the MCU version just because I know more about that one than in the comics. Though I really hope he is not OP, just like how Captain America can still be defeated, so can Hammer. So I hope no one is intimidated by his sheer skill, because he can still be defeated, just not so easy. And now let’s hope for the best, I suppose.

Okay, so some notes.

First off, I get the super soldier thing you’re going for, and that’s fine, but you need to scale it back a bit. Simply for the sake of balance with the other characters. He can be well above average, but “the peak of cybertronian design” is a bit much.

Second, the sword and shield, I would prefer if they were just a regular sword and shield. Again because it creates an unfair advantage.

My main issue is that he is without weakness. There’s nothing an opponent could focus on in order to win.

Take Maximus for example. He has very powerful electricity powers, which would give him a significant advantage in the arena. But the problem is that at the moment he hardly knows how to control them. And his general combat skill is greatly lacking.

For every advantage, you need to have a disadvantage. So either his abilities need to be scaled way back, or he needs some very significant weaknesses.

What if I made his shield and sword regular once? Would that suffice?

No, that was only one issue. His physical abilities are extreme in too many ways.

What if he was extremely above average in some areas, but below average in others? For example, his speed and strength are highly remarkable, but his agility and ability plan ahead are lacking. Of course that’s just one example of the idea. You could pick whichever values you wish to change here.

What if he was just above average in every area? It’s still is just above average. Plus, I highly doubt that experience wouldn’t have made him a rounded soldier because of the Great War, so you can keep that into account, plus he can be defeated.

Lots of bots here have been in the great war, but experience effects everyone differently.

If you want to keep everything on the same level, then everything would need to be scaled back dramatically from what you posted. From Captain America down to Bruce Lee, if that makes any sense.

Well isn’t above average already scaled down? And I did mention that his ahead planning doesn’t always work?

I’ll admit, I had to skim through a lot of the details. Simply due to how much there was. i got all the main points, but may have missed specific points.

But yeah, above average works. Remarkable, but not excessive.

It’s approved.

Now for the catch up. First, just to be sure, you read the background information in the main topic post right?

Lol. You should have though, but it’s okay. I’ll edit the Peak Condition to Above Average and the weapons, to normal ones.

And, I did read the first post of this topic and your RP topic first post too.

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Now let me know if the changes are okay or not.

It seems fine for the time being. I’ll mainly just keep track of your actions in game on a case by case basis. So I’ll let you know if you end up going too far by accident.

In the meantime, I’m working on the recap. Mostly covering the different NPCs, and some general information. I’ll post it as soon I can, but it might take a bit.

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Oh, okay. Well, I’ll be waiting then.

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Alright. Starting off with the general structure of the colosseum.

There are four classes to the prisoners.
Tier 3, where the majority are, including all but one of the player characters.
Tier 2, where the more exceptional fighters are. (Given your character’s abilities, I’ll put him here. Mainly so Gronius, @Toa_Vladin’s character, isn’t the only PC there, since he just got there)
Tier 1, the elite. Best of the best in the arena. Only about seven or so in number.
And the Champion. The one who is above all else in skill and power. That being Grimlock. The legendary leader of the dinobots. (I’ll get more into his character later)

Each tier has their own place to stay. Consisting of a commons area where they spend their time, and the barrack, which is where they sleep in cells. The tier 2 area is of a noticeably higher quality. But I won’t get into the details there until they’re relevant.

The arena itself is a large open area with an electrified cage over the top to prevent flyers from getting out. Above that is the viewing area that can seat thousands of spectators. As well as four big screen monitors, one on each side, that provide a better view of the action.

Finally there’s the Turbines. A ground level observation area for the prisoners, with a wide hole to watch through.

Now for the NPCs. Some of which I’ve already made bios for, which you can see here.

And here are some quick summaries of the rest.

Blackout. A towering and powerful decepticon in tier 3. Very quiet and reserved. Doesn’t talk much.

Thundercracker. A rough and tumble decepticon. A bit on the short side. Very excitable, and loves a good fight.

Skywarp. A decepticon who used to be in tier 2, but was demoted to tier 3 after losing a fight to Gronius. He’s generally dry and apathetic, finding it hard to care about much of anything, save for his best friend Thundercracker.

Jetfire. A rough and tumble tier 2 autobot. A very practical bot all things considered.

Bulkhead. A tier two autobot with impressive artistic talent. Loves to paint in his free time. It’s hard not to get along with this lovable lug, though he’s a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

Steeljaw. A smooth and suave tier 2 decepticon. His agility, speed, and razor sharp claws make up for his poor physical defense. He likes to poke and prod at the nerves of his compatriots.

Hotspot. The highest ranking bot in tier 2, and the defacto leader of the group. Quiet, stern, and not very sociable.

Grimlock. The champion. Second to none. He is a brutal and unforgiving warrior. A near mythical figure to all the other prisoners, feared and revered for his strength and skill. All this compounded by the fact that he never makes an attempt to socialize with the others. Spending all of his time either in battle or in his personal quarters. He’s been in two fights since the game started. Both times the opposition left with missing limbs and beaten within an inch of their life.

And finally Railfire. An original character for whom I don’t have art yet.
He’s a fit and lean decepticon. With intricately detailed armor in a dark silver color. He also noticeably shares the triplicate eye lenses that Maximus has. Through that and a CNA test, it was discovered the old medic was Maximus’ ancestor.

The other prisoners know next to nothing about him. To them, he’s just the grumpy old medic who patches them up after a fight. And lucky for them, he’s the closest thing you’ll find to a miracle worker. Accomplishing operations and repairs in a matter of hours, where it would take most cybertronian medics days.

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