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Okay, sounds interesting and thanks for that info.

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Cool! Go ahead and start up in the tier 2 commons area when you want.

Could I have my character come from a fight back to his head quarters? Also I didn’t know we could give our characters Stage-Names lol…I suppose, Hammer is Hammer.

The Hammer might work better, but yeah.

Also, unfortunately no. Each fight is sort of a big event, and it would be difficult for me to just throw one in at the moment.

Yes…The Hammer…

Oh and well, okay. I suppose I’ll have to think of something else then.

No theatrics are necessary. The tier 2 commons are well populated, so he could just strike up a conversation with one of the NPCs.

Yooo, is it possible to bring Hydro Rex…? Thinking of it…I may do it. Just cause…

You know, I gotta make a theatric entrance, lol.

I’d need a character sheet if you want to introduce a 2nd character.

If you really want to have a big entrance, I could start up a fight for his first appearance, but I likely wouldn’t be able to do that until tomorrow. At least to get the best amount of activity overlap given our different timezones.

Yeah, I will do one for Hydro Rex, I gotta bring the brothers back together and I already posed my reply. There is no need for a fight. Hammer will get his time to shine :wink:

Okay. Sounds good.

I have a question, is it possible for a Transformers to have control over magnetism? And so, wouldn’t it be too OP to have as an RP character?

I feel like Grimlock is gonna go the same way as Jim, with Max as Slim.

You don’t pull on superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull, the mask off that old lone ranger and you don’t mess around with Grim. Do do do dat deet dat dee de dede!

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Via electrical manipulation, Maximus has some very limited magnetic control. But if it’s someone’s main ability, I could allow more advanced ability.

I’d imagine it would function something like blood bending from Avatar The Last Airbender. But would require a lot of concentration and leave them open for attack.

Well, I was talking about that Magneto Magnetism ability, because I was thinking of giving Hydro Rex that power, which is his main ability.

In that case, maybe having a control over standard metal, but unable to control living metal (what Cybertronians are made of) that would work.

Yeah because that would be very OP even though I would love that :joy: but he can disarm people, because I take it the weapons they use is standard metal.

Yeah. Like that.

Also, if I could suggest, could you try to keep this character profile condensed? You don’t have to write out every detail, and when you make it so long it makes it dificult to properly evaluate it.

Hmm… :thinking: I kind of like to write my character sheets down to the very detail so that the GM knows what my character is capable of. What is their backstory, personality and so on. Though I feel like you didn’t suspect for me to write in this much detail…which that is nothing. I got bigger character sheets that are to the bare bone detail style lol. However, I believed it was easy enough to understand what he can do, should that come a problem in the future, I’ll try to make it even more clearly.


Wait, Hammer is a tier 2?