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If there is still confusion, I believe Keiththelegokid is referring to this part of the character profile. It’s not the most clear, but it would seem his intention is that Clutchfire has been comatose since he was captured by the Vex. And just now at this very moment he has finally woken up from that slumber.


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Alright, I think I understand. But that would mean he’s been in a coma for at least 500 years.

His minicon is going to be very mad.

Two new NPCs! I felt inspired and wanted to make some characters. They’ll make some nice additions to the roster, and add new opportunities for interesting character interaction.

Names: Rotor and Tire
Faction: Decepticon

Alt modes: Cybertronian helicopter and muscle car respectively.
Weapons: Each one has a standard issue Decepticon hand blaster, and nothing else.

Bio: Faceless. Loyal. Expendable. Being Vehicon troopers working aboard the Nemesis during the war, those words were all these two knew. H-88j and R-72d were no different than the countless other vehicons on the warship.

However, everything changed after a particular battle. While both sides retreated after a decided autobot victory, these two were left abandoned on a desolate moon. Suddenly two soldiers who were without identity were completely alone, able to do whatever they wanted. In little time they named themselves and set out to live out their own lives independent of the decepticon machine! Free to do whatever they wanted!.. And then they were soon captured by Iota’s scouts.

In the colosseum the two have enjoyed a level of independence they never knew on the Nemesis.

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Poor Backbreaker, can’t catch a break can he?

No he cannot :slight_smile:

Somehow in on multiple bots deepest secretes and out of the general loop at the same time.

And Oddball’s just kinda tagging along, because it’s not like there’s anything better for him to do.

He has fulfilled his matchmaker character arc and thus shall be banished into irrelevance.

Oddball will not rest until he has made a happy couple out of every bot in the arena!

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Good luck with that. Juliana is too wounded to move on, (unless we ever actually get around to the mystery man using her sim) and Ivory is currently uninterested.

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Laughs in future knowledge.

Speaking of which, since Juliana isn’t heavily involved in the breakout. Now would be a great time to go down that subplot.

I mean, it would take convient timing.

Would it? All she’s trying to do is find out who’s using her personal battle sim. It wouldn’t be that hard to solve.

Plus I’m also really looking forward to getting to the resolution I have in mind.

Well, my original thought would be she would stumble upon him while he’s using it, but whatever you have in mind is fine. I just need to know where to start.

Alright everybody. I’m on my work break at the moment. Thought I’d pop by and make an announcement.

With Steeljaw gone and Jetfire still in a coma, I decided to add two new NPCs to Tier 2. A couple of deranged predacons I’m eager to introduce and get involved. So if you wanna see who they are, I’d recommend giving the Tier 2 commons a visit.

Juliana in this most recent fight.

(The best quotes are halfway through)


Sorry for the low activity every one. I’ve been busy today. Plus I have work in about an hour.

@MaximusPrimal :Starts investigation subplot

Me, the resident Nancy Drew Game Player: MY TIME HAS COME!!!

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Keep in mind I’ve never tried to write a mystery before so keep your expectations low.