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You fool. You know not what you tempt me with.

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I for one, second this idea.

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Mwahahahahahah!!! I know all too well! :stuck_out_tongue:


@MaximusPrimal @ajtazt

Did I screw up something that was going on with your characters? I’m sorry if I did.

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Nah. Don’t worry about it. This is fine.

No no, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just commenting on an inconsistency of where Hotshot was and what he was doing, that’s all.

I did to a degree, which is why my post was short and open ended. It can be continued from there, I have nothing else to add to it at this time.

Name: Clutchfire
Faction: Autobot G.I. Joe
Appearance: (Editor’s note: Due to the distinct lack in GI Joe and Transformers models I’m going to have to rely on a description until I can get a model made.)
Alt mode: He transforms into a V.A.M.P. Jeep, a real world equivalent would be the Lamborghini Cheetah. His deco is a combination of red, white, and blue.
Weapons: His weapon of choice is a double barreled machine gun, but he does have a sharpened shovel that is wonderful for smashing someone across the head.
Abilities: His alt mode’s equipment includes a spare fuel reserve which can come in handy, along with a holographic projector affixed to the bottom. He’s also got a port for minicons although his previous partner ended up stuck back on Earth when he was captured.

When paired with a minicon he has the ability to unleash a devestating attack, by powering up a multitude of flip out guns and fire arms all at once, becoming a literal one bot army.

He can powerlinx with other cybertronians, although typically plane/jet formers end up as wings. Other bots typically end up as either using the gun heavy bot as power armor, or end up some form of power armor themselves. Powerlinxing typically ends up like that…
Bio: During the war Clutchfire found himself stuck in a escape pod near Earth. He crash landed and ended up being recovered by the C.O.B.R.A. organization where he lay dormant and was studied. In a turn of events however, G.I. Joe operatives raided the facility and took the Cybertronian to their own labs. This is when he was powered on, and eventually became part of one of the Attack Squads later on when the rest of the Transformers started the war on Earth. When minicons were thrown into the mix he adopted a smaller dune buggy bot who shared his enthusiasm for explosions and good firearms. When he was captured for the event he ended up getting knocked on the head, his old injuries from the war resurfacing and laying him out cold…till now of course.

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Name: Penicila
Faction: Autobot
Appearance: (Once again, due to my choice in design an image may take some time forthcoming) However she’s a small little minicon. Her main color-scheme is white with red highlights. Her faceplate is fashioned to look not unlike a medical mask, in fact it functions about the same filtering out any toxins in the air. She’s fairly well proportioned lacking bulky arms or legs from alt-mode kibble, although she does have a backpack.
Alt mode: Being a triple changing minicon she has three modes. Her bot mode, a mode that’s a small little tank with a mounted gun that fires off needles. Said tank mode can have a small minicon ride on the back of it by hanging on to a couple handles. The third mode is a gun that fires off needles. This gun mode can be held by larger bots and functions similarly to a nail gun.
Weapons: In bot mode she doesn’t really have any weapons to speak of, but she can use some of her needles if the situation calls for it.
Abilities: She’s adapt and repairing things, and really good at doing it quickly and quietly. She is a minicon, so she can power up larger bots with minicon ports.
Bio: A rather quite minicon, not by choice, but due to missing the parts required to actually speak. Her voice box is still there of course, but it’s the wiring and other assorted bits around it that are mostly damaged and/or gone. Since getting spirited away here she’s been hiding out, not in the walls, but in the vents. The ventilation systems are where she retreats after picking out a little energon and some scrap to keep maintenance up. Due to the broadcast and approaching conflict, she’s fairly concerned about her current location.

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Slow down a bit. You’re only allowed 2 characters. So before I can even look at these, one of them will need to be cut.

In case you go with this one, models indeed do exist.

Oh, I’m sorry…I just thought we had up to three minicons we could have alongside those two?

I did see that, but I wasn’t exactly going to make him straight up Hound…I’m actually planning on making a model for him after I finish making Spirit…which is taking a bit longer due to complications in transformation.

Minicons are intended to be partners. Companions. Accessories. They aren’t really their own characters unless it’s a dedicated team, like with the railroad team.

Truuuuue, but I figured with the established minicons having personalities, I assumed it would be wise to write out a backstory for my own. I was debating teaming this minicon up with Spirit.

Hm… Alright. If they’re both minicons, I’ll think it over. I’ll read the profiles and tell you what I think.

Well, as far as the characters can ration, that’s pretty much true. They only heard part of a conversation after all.

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Fair enough.

Should note, due to being shrunken by the Vex, war era bots are no longer compatible with minicons. Further surgery would be required to remedy this.

Aside from this, both your characters are accepted. Though you’re now at capacity.

Surgery time! Yay! Any places I should start with these two?

Wherever you feel is best.