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In his defense that hit would have wasted anyone else. Grimlock is the champion for a reason.

Regardless, he would have had one shot with that trick, any other opponent that isn’t either stupid or overconfident, will be expecting in the future. He had an ace in his hand, and he wasted it on a trick (the card term) with no value.


Also keep in mind this is far the only thing he can do with his electric powers. I’ve come up with a lot of different and creative uses for his abilities. I just thought the super charged axe attack would be the best way to first show it off.

Maybe it’s just me, But I kinda feel like we’re the NPC’s in your story.

Not that that’s bad, I’m enjoying actually, but I’m just curious if it’s deliberate.

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meanwhile I will do my best to try to throw as many UD references as possible

That might be sort of the case. I’ve built New Horizons from the ground up as a story series. I’ll try to do better with keeping everyone involved and influencing the plot.

Naw, no need. I for one, am kinda enjoying this more backseat approach.

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I kinda imagined her as being harder in this than Salvation, since she was basically been stuck in this life since she was essentially 13 or 14

It was never established, what are the win conditions to the arena matches? To the death? To the yeild?

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To the yield or knock out. Iota is very much against the idea of his prisoners getting killed. Seeing as they’re the ones who bring in the crowds, and it’s hard to come by new ones.

Anyway, I gotta go for a bit.

Btw, let me know when nighttime rolls around. I have a scene idea. (Though it does require Maximis or Axis to be wandering around at night.)

Will do. Should be coming around soonish.

Is there a picture or description of the Decepticon medic that I missed?


Why was I @ ed again?

I was trying to continue the situation your character was in.

I just thought of this, shouldn’t we all have some sort of fighter nickname?

I mean, Gronius kinda already gave Juliana hers, but if most of the PC’s have a reputation already, they would probably have something they would be known as in the arena.

Everybody has a stage name yes. In universe it’s chosen by Iota. But if you’d like one, you’re more than welcome to come up with one.

For some reason, I like the one Gronius made, but I doubt Iota would use it.

What was it again?

Miss sunshine. For being uncharacteristically cheery and friendly in this sort of situation. The sort who will make sure her opponent gets the nedical attention needed, and stay with them til they are well.

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