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I see. I definitely like it, but doesn’t make a good gladiator name.

Can I get a summary of what’s happened? Anything important?

No, but it seems like something that would surprise the crowd, something that draws in spectators.

Besides, many fighter names come from how they act in the ring.

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Maximus challenged the champion in a deal with Iota. If he won, everyone gets set free.

Unfortunately that champion turns out to be Grimlock, and Maximus gets absolutely devastated. Axis brings him to the medic, who turns out to be Maximus’ decepticon ancestor.

Outside of that it’s been little but small talk and character development.

True. I’ll probably use it when you get into the ring.

So nothing I really need to know to start?

Other than Maximus getting a beatdown, no, not really.

Nothing I can really think of. Anything important that I’ve forgotten about you’ll probably be filled in via context and conversation.

Ok. Since I was late let’s just say spectre is that mystery competitor that’s rarely seen.

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I see. That “wow look who actually bothered to show up” kind of guy. Rarely seen, but everyone knows about him.

Basically; that creep that people only really know there’s a missing slot and that’s it.

Interesting. I like it.

105 lost replies?! This UD all over again!

That’s not entirely accurate. The Star Talons and the Federation are the big rivals. The Thunder of Iacon, being a city focused police force, wouldn’t be as well equiped to take on space pirates with powerful ships.

I meant that the two groups would at the very least be rivals. Also I never considered ToI to be just a local police force. So skirmishes between two might be small and local, but the rivality would be there.

Can I get a small update of what I’ve lost?

I’d recommend reading through. There’s some important stuff that would kind of lose value in a recap.

Though most of the important plot stuff is in my posts, so you don’t have to read everything if you don’t want to.

I can’t read 50+ replies now, sorry.

Like I said, just skim through and read my stuff. The longer posts especially. You’ll get the gist of the important stuff.

The only thing I did was a breakdown of one my favorite songs. Other than that, nothing.

I looked through them. Would be wrong to assume that the only thing that happened was Maximus getting outside in the arena to train with Railfire?