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Yeah, but the implications behind that are important. Which is why I wanted you to read them.

I am sorry, I am just not in the posture and mood, sorry to do so.

Eh. Alright.

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Two, unrelated questions,

  1. how hard would it be to get the inmates going in a rousing sea shanty during breakfast?

  2. What would happen if Iota were to capture a child? Would he kill it for resource drain or Would he realize the advantages of someone who knows no other life, and give the child to one of the inmates to take care of?

I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard.

Well he only captures Cybertronians, which don’t really have children, so the point is mute.

But you said that the ones who were forced to flee were given the opportunity to make themselves children.
Who knows? Maybe one of those children just so happened to be a point one percenter, which would turn him into the Cybertronian equivalent of a baby.

The closest equivalent to a cybertronian child would be those born on Eukaris, which is it’s own can of worms that’s so far removed from the situation at hand that it’s entirely irrelevant.

But you haven’t debunked the ppp possibility. Maybe the newborn got created into a state of total weakness, in a small body that unlike the full-growns has to evolve and grow.


Well, I mean, there would be those that mentally would be children, wouldn’t there? Or are all cybertronians born as fully mentally and physically developed adults?

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PPPs aren’t really a thing here.

This is exactly how I’ve described newborns on Eukaris.

The Cybertronian well just doesn’t work like that.

Cybertronians immerge from the well fully formed and sapient. Mentally they have to develop somewhat, but not in the same way, nor to the extent that humans do.

Maximus for example has the mental maturity of a 20 some odd year old adult in some ways, and was born that way. But in other areas he is childish and has to learn and grow.

That makes absolutely no logical sense with even a modicum of how human (yes I know they aren’t human, but that’s all we have to compare with) development works whatsoever, but this is Sci-Fi, anything goes.

They’re robots. Machines. A.I. A lot of their programming comes built in. How to move, walk, talk, transform, etc. As well as a lot of basic knowledge. What Cybertron is, what the Well of Allsparks is. Fundamental information ranging from what music is to what a wheel looks like all comes pre-installed so to speak.

More complex information, as well as personality, must develop over time. Combat skills, personal interests, morals and values, the things that really make someone their own person. Those must be learned.

So basically, all cybertronians born this way have the same base personality?

Because a certain level of the personality is carried within a human’s DNA, “built in programming” if you will. If you are hot tempered, you will always be hot tempered. You might be able to take the edge off a bit, but you will always be that way.

But unlike humans, if this starting information is roughly identical for every cybertronian, than the base personality is always the same. Therefore, every cybertronian is a slight variation of the same personality.

Besides, studies show, (it’s not fact, as it cannot technically be proven) that mental development, physical development, and informational development, (I’m obviously paraphrasing here) are all linked. You cannot progress much without development in the other.

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It’s less so a base template, and more a blank slate.

It’s a slow boot up process. A lot happens in a very short amount of time. A lot comes from how the protoform reacts to being created. Suddenly thrusted into existence with a fully capable intelligence.

Some are angry and confused.
Some are scared and timid.
Some are wide-eyed and curious. (Like Maximus)
And so on.

Plus, like I said, they’re machines. So there’s a lot more leeway to how they develop.

Let me know when the next mealtime comes around, if you do not mind.

Also, is alright if I add a charecter to replace Laslow?

We’re in the middle of breakfast.

What do you have in mind?

A guy who turns into a cybertronian Player Piano, who has sonic based attackes, and actual WOOD in his construction, which would actually give him some advantages in this situation.

He’d make a good counter to Maximus. That’s for sure.

I’ll need a full character sheet of course, but I like the base concept.

In the meantime, there’s a bit of an event going on in the commons. I’ll tag you in the post I started it with if you aren’t caught up.

Cool, I’ll get to work on it. And I’ve been keeping an eye one it.

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Alright. Sounds good.