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Cybertron is a world of many stories: tales of great wars, epic in scale. Legends of valiant Autobots and treacherous Decepticons. This story, however, is something different. It takes place in an era forgotten by history: the Golden Age, a time when the original Primes were alive and well, and the Cybertronian Imperium thrived.

It is a time of peace and exploration, and an era of art, science, and magic- but peace can never last forever. Dark forces stir across the galaxy; their goal is to revive Unicron, the dark lord of chaos. If they are to succeed, nothing would be able to stop the horrific god of entropy along his path of destruction. It falls to a band of courageous heroes to prevent this fate, and save the galaxy from complete annihilation.

Unicron Apocalypse is yet another text based rp set within a universe of my own creation. This time set within the rarely explored Golden Age of Cybertron. An epic adventure across many worlds that I hope you’ll all enjoy.


  1. Your standard affair. Be nice, no meta gaming, no auto hits, try to be reasonable in combat. All the basics.

  2. I’m not going to have a strict character limit, but don’t go overboard. Personally I wouldn’t recommend going over four or five.

  3. No inherently evil characters. The villains are gonna be pretty tough as is. No need for player characters trying to make things harder. I want to make sure everyone is working on the same team.

  4. No pvp. In my experience its only ever caused problems and drama. Combat will be done strictly between players and npcs.

  5. No overpowered characters. Keep things reasonable please. If you want to have a character with great power, they should also have some kind of weakness to balance it out.

  6. Quests and combat inherently come with risks. Characters will be hurt, and if you’re not careful they could be killed. I’m not gonna try and go out of my way to kill off any player characters, but death is never completely off the table. In the end you are responsible for whatever happens to your character.

Character sheet:
Before getting into the template proper, there’s a special concept I want to explain.

Instead of factions, this story will have something called Chapters. Special groups dedicated to following the teachings of certain Primes. The chapter you choose will have a bearing on your characters’ abilities and personalities. Though the extent that it plays is up to you.

Knights of Cybertron

Founded by Prima, the Knights of Cybertron are the imperium’s first line of defense. Noble warriors skilled with sword, shield and rifle. They’re dedicated to defending the weak and protecting their home. Though some knights have been known to have issues with pride and ego.


Founded by Alpha Trion, Scholars are intellectuals first and warriors second. They constantly strive to learn and record as much information as they can. They eagerly trade facts and knowledge with one another like currency. Though as they devote so much of their lives to study, most aren’t well trained in combat.


Founded by Solus Prime, Artificers are wildly creative and inventive individuals who love nothing more than to build and tinker. Always looking to push the boundaries of technology. They also never use tools or weapons that they didn’t create with their own hands. Though some Artificers can tend to get reckless or carried away with their creations.


Founded by Alchemist Prime, Sorcerers practice in the magical skill of alchemy. Learning to shape the material world around them, taking basic materials and transmuting them into new forms. The more materials one uses, or the bigger the construct they’re trying to make, the more skill and energy it will require. To them, alchemy is an art form. One they always strive to improve in.

Bond brothers

Founded by Nexus Prime, Bond brothers seek to explore they art of combination. Every member of the chapter is partnered up with one or two other bots who they can combine with. Each individual is their own person, with their own personality and altmode. Their combined form is similarly its own unique entity. With its own personality and altmode, both being an amalgamation of their individual components.


Founded by Onyx Prime, Kindred strive to find spiritual enlightenment. To strike a perfect balance between natural instincts and the heightened mind. They often spend great lengths of time in meditation and deep introspection. Every single kindred also has some form of beast mode.


Founded by Quintus Prime, Mages have a deep passion and respect for all forms of life. Be it organic, mechanical, or somewhere in between. Mages possess a limited influence over simpler forms of life, such as moving plants or getting an animal to do what you want. They tend to keep a small pet or potted plant to take care of, and are also often skilled in various forms of healing.

Abilities (optional):

Confirmed players:
@Chromeharpoon Bulwark/Coppeweb
@ProfSrlojohn Dr. Long-Hoe
@MakutaOisli Caus
@NOTaHFfan Breakpoint
@DuneToa Defender
@BlackBeltGamer98 Backblast
@Rukah Stormwind/Updraft


hmmm, might join


Are goodhearted but slightly… unstable, characters allowed? Because I have just the thing.


As long as it’s not too over the top, I don’t see why not! I’d be happy to see what you have in mind.


Name: Bulwark

Chapter: the Knights of Cybertron

Appearance: Bulwark is a veritable giant, standing head and shoulders above most other cybertronians. He is possessed of a wide frame, and his armor is styled to resemble an enormous, mechanized suit of medieval European plate armor. His head looks like a kind of close helm, with a pointed visor in lieu of a proper face, save for two blue eyes shining out from behind a narrow slit. A short crest runs along the top of his head. Two huge pauldrons adorn his upper arms, and a pair of claws from his beast mode cling to his shoulder blades. The wings of his beast mode fold around his waist and legs. A large jet engine is built into his back.

Alt-mode: Bulwark transforms into a mechanical dragon with a large head crowned with two curved horns. A pair of tusks extend from the base of the beast’s jaw and run along the sides of his snout. He does not possess a pair of wings in the traditional sense: instead, a pair of engines are mounted on rotating blocks on his back.

Weapons: In robot mode, Bulwark wields an enormous greatsword. Ancient cybertronian glyphs are inscribed upon the blade, and the emblem of the Knights of Cybertron is sculpted into the hilt, between the quillons of the crossguard. Energon-conducting filaments are laid into the sword that, when activated, cause the blade to heat up so that it might melt through enemy armor.

In beast mode, Bulwark can breathe fire from his mouth, and his tail is tipped with a long spike that he can impale his enemies upon when in battle. A pair of machine guns can also be deployed above his forelegs.

Abilities: with his sturdy construction and heavy armor, Bulwark can withstand more of a beating than the average cybertronian. Sustained enemy fire will eventually harm him, however, and he is less resilient toward heavy weapons.

Bio: A dedicated Knight of Cybertron, Bulwark charges headlong into the midst of the forces of evil, using his massive body as a shield to protect his allies as he cuts down his foes. He wholeheartedly believes in his order’s ideals of doing good and defending the weak and innocent, and dedicates himself fully to this cause, but like many Knights, he too struggles with self-righteousness. He has difficulty accepting when he’s in the wrong, and can be quick to condemn whatever offends his sensibilities. Perhaps he might learn humility on this mission.


Name: Coppeweb

Chapter: Artificer

Appearance: Coppeweb is a tall, but lanky cybertronian with dull black armor accented by triangular blue markings on his chest, shoulders, and lower legs. He is mostly humanoid in shape, but four additional arms extend from an apparatus on his back, each one tipped with a four-fingered claw. He has a humanoid face with a pair of bright red eyes. The blades of his helicopter mode come together around his torso and legs to form a kind of trenchcoat.

Alt-modes: Coppeweb is a triple-changer, transforming into both a cybertronian helicopter and a robotic spider-like creature.

Weapons and Equipment: Coppeweb has modified his body to produce the programmable matter that makes up cybertronian bodies in its base form, which he can then shape into small tools, simple shapes, and basic weaponry like swords, spears, and hammers. In his robot mode, his primary arms can transform into plasma-based submachine guns, and his four secondary arms can transform into railguns, which use the programmable matter as ammunition. Coppeweb can also deploy a visor over his face equipped with a multi-utility scanning tool and augmented reality display.

Coppeweb’s helicopter mode is armed with a projectile-based machine gun mounted beneath its cockpit, along with a pair of air-to-ground missile pods. His spider mode has hooks, spikes, and magnets built into the ends of its legs to allow him to crawl up a variety of surfaces. In this mode, his sight and hearing are enhanced, and he has access to an array of electronic sensors to help him survey his surrounding environment.

Bio: Coppeweb is an Artificer who studies the programmable matter that constitutes the cybertronian body, searching for novel ways to manipulate and exploit it for the betterment of cybertronian civilization. His research has given him a deep understanding of engineering and medicine (it helps that, for cybertronians, the two fields have a great deal of overlap), which he uses to heal his allies and maintain their equipment. He is quiet and aloof, but he is still a moral person. He offers his knowledge and skills to this mission in the hope that they will be of some use in preventing Unicron’s return.


Bulwark and Coppeweb both sound great! They’re accepted in.

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Name: Doctor Long-Hoe

Chapter: Artificers

Appearance: Along the lines of Grindcore, but with much more tan and a brighter green


Altmode: What appears to be what was once a civilian tractor heavily modified with additional mechanics, and a large fluid sprayer on top.

Weapons: A large chemical/acid sprayer hooker up to a large tank on his back, with multiple nozzles and focusing modes, as well as a mixture tweaker (in bot mode), Same, but mounted in an alternate configuration, with the sprayer attacked to the cab. (In alt-mode)

Abilities (optional): An Inherent affinity for chemistry, and a doctorate in fluid dynamics.

Bio/backstory: Doctor Long-Hoe, is a madman. But not a bad one, more like that crazy neighbor down the street. You know, the one that experiments with explosives in his back yard, just to see what happens. He’s harmless, really! Right? No one knows when he went a little… loose, but it was sometime after he achieved his higher education. Regardless of his apparent unhinged mind, he doesn’t appear sadistic or sociopathic, just a little obsessive about his subject and it’s effects. What’s his subject? Oh pesticides! Got to keep those nasty mechanimals away no? He’s happy to give out free samples, he really is quite the generous man, oh, and he hates seeing anyone suffer needlessly, hence why he makes his pesticides as strong as possible, quick, painless (mostly) and effective! Please, try some today!

Why did you Join: The good doctor has joined for a chance to properly field test his compounds! Nothing better than real-world use of your creations, right! oh, and that unicron guy seems pretty bad too, better make sure he doesn’t come back!


Absolutely wonderful. I love the “crazy neighbor” vibe. He’s accepted!

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Is it still fine to make a character similiar to coppeweb? It was supposed to be made when i first caught wind of the Rp, but i wasn’t able to finish it, and then @Chromeharpoon posted so i didn’t know if it would be acceptable.


How similar exactly?

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Spider-like appearance,stuff like that.

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I personally wouldn’t mind.


Agreed. Two spider bots won’t be much of a problem. As long as their personalities are distinct you’ll be fine.

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Name: Caus

Chapter: Kindred


Altmode: Caus turns into a gargantuan spider, with fangs and all of his abilities he has in his robot form.

Weapons/Abilities: Caus has electromagnetic webbing that he can produce from his hands and legs. It is able to restrain targets, and stick to surfaces. Allows for grappling and swinging,etc. It has limitations, however, and a strong or big enough target could break out of the binding easily. He also has a system in his body that allows him to project a stream of acid from his mouth. He is immune to his own acid, however, it is not infinite, and will take time to recharge. And he has claws to facilitate climbing, as well as eliminating targets.

Caus is an unorthodox Kindred, a vicious predator, hunting down individual targets where an army would prove worthless. But that’s when he’s working. While other kindreds deal with pride, he struggles not to be easily irritated, paranoid, and much, much more. His tendency to criticize others is annoying, and as such he ends up pushing others away, and has trouble doing small talk. He joined the mission because he felt that perhaps it would do him some good if he worked with a team.

@MaxinePrimal hows this?


The character concept is definitely solid. Though my only issue is that I don’t think he really fits with the Knights of Cybertron. His beastial appearance and goal to work past various mental issues, he’d be much more at home in Onyx Prime’s Kindred. As their whole thing is finding spiritual and mental balance. You wouldn’t even need to change the backstory much. Even though their specialty is of a spiritual in nature, many of them are still powerful and notable warriors.

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I fixed it.

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The bio still has him in the Knights, but we got idea down. Caus is good to go.

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When do the games begin?

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I’m gonna wait until we have one or two more players. Or until this Sunday. Whichever comes first.

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still thinking