Transformers Whirl (WIP)

Hey guys! This is my WIP MoC of transformers more than meets the eye Whirl.

As I said earlier, this is based off the more than meets the eye version of Whirl, who is arguably the best character. There are a few things I should address first. First of all, the head is suppose to look like that and if you look closely, you can see a Baraki eye. Second, his spindly, unarmoured legs and chest that sticks out are on purpose, as this is how he looks. Third, this is a WIP, so things will change. For example, he has a lack of dark azure on his head and chest. This is because I don’t have the pieces yet, but when I get Gali 2016, I will.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can talk about the Moc. I would have to say the thing I’m most disappointed about is the fact that I couldn’t make his claws accurate. Other than that, I am extremely pleased with how this MoC turned out. When I can find one, I will probably switch out the red Baraki eye for a yellow one. To me, I think he looks good in both modes, but it’s his vehicle mode I’m most proud of. It turned out a lot better than I thought. I am also very pleased with the transformation. It is somewhat complicated, and that’s what I love about it! If you guys want, I can post a transformation video. Other than that, there is not much to say. I hope you guys like it! Feel free to critique it and let me know what you think!


Looks a little odd, but seems fairly accurate for the complexity despite the colours

Thanks! I will change some of the colours when I get Gali 2016

It looks accurate.

Good stuff! I have used that head design (And variations of it) before.

Thanks! I actually debated weather using that design or building something using system.

how super-unvincible is he?

I’m gonna say very super-unvincible (I don’t really get the reference because I’m only on issue 3 of MTMTE).

I love the head, it has the same faceless style from the comics.



now READ!

@Sammythekat Don’t worry, I already have a sight I’m reading it on. I’m just not that good at series. I started Doctor Who last October and I’m only on season 4.
@Ninjanicktf I’m glad you like the head! It’s actually part of the character. He was put through a process called Empurata, where a Cybertronian’s head and hands are replaced with an emotionless, cycloptic head and claws. The process is a punishment for criminals. The same thing happens to Shockwave, and I actually learned about from Shockwave’s origin story (Transformers: Dark Cybertron Prelude issue 17). Here’s the link to the wiki entry.

I knew it was part of the deign but I didn’t know why! XD

I love that explanation though.

Whenever I first saw Whirl after knowing who he actually was, I suspected he went through Empurata, I just don’t know why. I’m glad he did, because it made this:

This is a ■■■■■ on Redbubble and I want it.


y’know, I’m guessing the eye itself would form the facial expressions.

that, and

there’s a Wiki for that, mate.

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