Trial by Tahu (Animated Short Film!)

Tahu is ready to claim his golden mask and go stop that Makuta guy! Or IS HE?

Almost 17 minutes animated in about three months. Man! This one was quite the project. Completed with the invaluable contributions of Shadowblaze, who made all the original music you hear!

I hope you enjoy! And I would love to hear what you think.


Not sure if this a direct reference.


Reminded me of:


HAH. And I was sure NOBODY would pick up on that. Amazing.


I is smart.


Gali telling jokes...

Reminds me of G2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic animation, though. A lot of good effort was put into this, and the plot is fantastic. The assets for MNOG also help with the cartoony feel.


That was thoroughly enjoyable. I enjoyed the blending of the Templar and anime-esque styles, even though I don't watch much anime.

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This is amazing, I love it


This is really cool, I really enjoyed these types of animations back when I first really got into Bionicle. I also learned about the Kirikori Nui and the Hikaki, so it was awesome to see those Rahi. I really hope I could make something like this one day, fantastic job!

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This is awesome on so many levels.
I can't even find a problem with it.
Oh my gosh.
This is amazing.
I love it.

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Fantastic work with this, the effort really shows. The animation was splendid, as was the general atmosphere.


That was absolutely amazing.

I don't know what to say other than that, great job. :smile:


The animation is simple, yet the attention to detail really shows, and the story is both entertaining to watch and has a nice moral behind it. The soundtrack was a nice mix of new tracks and nostalgic ones. The combination of it all is amazing, and really embodies the spirit of early G1, I feel. Apart from Gali telling jokes, but hey, what else was he going to complain about? :grin:


I cared more about these characters in 17 minutes than I cared about anyone in the entirety of G2


Dude, why do you have so little views? This stuff is amazing. Yo TTV, help this man out.

Also with additional animations to fill in other gaps in the story, it can all be edited in with the original MNOG videos to make a true 2001 movie....heck even 3 years worth of movie animations.


Oh wow, the animation, the music.... so awesome! You should make more of those. I really like the MNOG style for those new Rahi too, you really captured the right look and feel.

I have many problems with the characters though, mainly because I don't feel like they would act the way they do sometimes, and the choices of words sometimes feel "out of the character".

Here's a list:
-Tahu being a total jerk
-Tahu sees things in the sacred fire (it's technically not possible)
-Kapura "sitting":stuck_out_tongue:
-Gali telling jokes
-Onua saying nothing important
-Tahu uses different mask powers while he isn't technically wearing those masks (they're in the Suva) (Edit: actually it's possible, my bad)
-Lewa doing those crazy poses
-The lizards walking on lava (I don't know much about them, but it just seems improbable)

Please, keep in mind that I'm not saying those things to make you feel bad, it's just my thoughts, and I hope you take those things in consideration for possible future projects.

Speaking of which, I would love to see a MNOG style fight against the Bahrag, just saying....

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Wow this is so good! G2's story team should've brought you to work on it.

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Masterfully animated. I felt like I was watching an official mnog cutscene.

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In the first book, he was, and that's the time period this takes place in.

Why not?


Totally in character with early Tahu.

technically possible if the Great Spirit makes it so. Heck thats why Vakama had visions, cause the Great Spirit had intended to make them realise things with these visions, to guide them so that they complete their duty properly.

Why is this a problem. Everyone is capable of sitting.

Awesome and actually gives more insight to her character and is a nice nod

The same as with Gali

Same happened in the MNOG animations so why is this an issue.

Totally possible and can aslo be a caricature representation of him how Tahu sees Lewa acting.

Why is this a problem? Its pretty nice to see all the different kinds of Rahi, heck this short fleshed out the specific Rahi more so than some official clips did.

They couldnt afford his amazingness ness ness, plus their whole team lacked thematic focus.


Headcanon accepted...

Seriously, though, this feels like it was pulled right out of the 2001 story. Every character is impeccably on-point, and the story was expertly plotted, paced, and animated. Nothing felt overly out-of-place to me (save perhaps Gali being a jokester, but as that's a G2 reference, I'll let it slide :stuck_out_tongue:). I loved a lot of the little details you added into the animation (i.e. Tahu's various annoyed expressions, the sequence where he impersonates the other Toa, and the various Ta-Matoran giving him blank stares). Things I particularly liked were:

The characterization--each character felt unique and true to their G1 forms, and I really liked how you showed Jaller's wisdom (particularly when he was discussing Onepu)

The writing--you made the dialogue sound appropriately mystical and "BIONICLE-y" without becoming overly eloquent, which perfectly complimented the story.

" fine"--I LOLed at this, hard. Along with a few other parts, like Tahu's flaming sweat drop and his impersonation of Kopaka.

The nostalgia--Particularly when Tahu was finally coming around and recognizing the good aspects of the other Toa. When he said that he might have been too hard on them, I felt a wave of nostalgia, because it brought to mind the later years of G1, when the Nuva had finally united as a team. Thinking of how close they were at the end of G1 and then watching this, I truly remembered why G1 was so great--because the characters became stronger over time, rather than simply staying the same. Watching this early, rather annoying version of Tahu is even cooler when you know that he will eventually become a strong and wise leader.

This was really awesome! Please don't stop making them, because I will watch every one you create!