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Greetings programs. Discuss and speculate the 1982 cult classic, the 2010 mixed public opinion sequel, or the upcoming installment still in early production.

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I guess I should watch it, there are a lot of things I feel I should do stupid laziness

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Legacy is the very definition of going to a good restaurant finding out it burned down and having to settle with corn chips from subway. The first one on the other hand is a classic.


You know, I still haven't even seen the original. I've pretty much
watched or read everything else TRON. The closest thing I've done is
read the graphic novelization

What's this? Perhaps this warrants a topic for the previous Tron movies and an upcoming one.

@John_Smith I might not share the same opinions about Legacy but I'll be the first to admit I have a bias for it and that there probably is plenty of evidence that it was pretty flawed.

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What be this? Why was I not informed? How are they going to do this without Jeff Bridges?

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From what I've heard, they've been planning another one ever since Legacy came out, but there hasn't been any real progress yet.

@CausticKrana Maybe there should be a separate topic for this, but in brief, my thoughts on Legacy are thus: it has cool visuals/effects and I love the soundtrack, but there was nothing of substance. The original is interesting because it raises all sorts of questions about existence, morality, and the supernatural/metaphysical by having "Users" be like gods to the programs--Legacy ignores that angle for a generic "hero has to beat the bad guy" story, except that it's never clearly defined what the bad guy wants, or what the good guy wants (other than to escape), so there's not really much point to it. That being said, it is a cool spectacle to behold. smiley


Everything you sad was exactly right. But Disney's biggest mistake was not getting Tron guy to make a cameo appearance.


Didn't he show up for a second near the end? I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Bruce Boxleitner in the credits.


No no, not Bruce, "tron guy." (Google is your friend wink)


@CausticKrana LOL! Cannot un-see!

@Marendex_T17 Ah, he was just the voice in that scene. And I didn't even remember Alan Bradley showing up. XD

He was in the film, but only as Alan Bradley (And Tron's voice during the Light-Jet scene).

If I were to argue that the movie had some thought provoking deep message I would have to say the concept of perfection and that no matter how much we try to attain it, its going to be right in front of us and we'll never get it. But they didn't really capitalize on that.

The answer to this is also perfection for both sides which again they didn't do a very good job of explaining.

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I actually really liked Legacy. The plot wasn't the best, but I still found it plenty fun to watch.
The original was great, especially for a movie I hadn't seen up until the day before I went to see the sequel. XD

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Yup the plot was more or less pretty cliché but it definitely excelled in visual effects and soundtrack. I also think the casting was one of its strengths. But it didn't use half of what made the first movie so great. In the original there was a focus on the connection between users and programs, where as legacy put all of its resources into "cool action sci-fi." They couldn't really go back to the user program theme anyway because all of the programs on the new grid were written by Flynn with the exception of Tron. Speaking of, Tron was a bad guy for all but like 7 seven seconds of the plot. Why? Complaints aside its still one of my all time favorites.

Exactly. Clu mentions that he doesn't like imperfection...but he never really explains what his specific goals are, or why he has such a problem with imperfection. And I think it only comes up once or maybe twice.

Another problem is that the programs in Legacy just act like ordinary people. In the original it's clear that they were all created to perform specific functions within a computer.

The protagonist was also poorly written. He's rebelling against a giant cooperation! (Encom, I think?)...that he owns...and then he goes back to living off the money from his cooperation...yeah, try to make sense of that. XD And there's never much indication of what he cares about, so it's not even clear why he's fighting the company at all.

Two words as to why Tron Legacy is the best: Daft Punk.


Never got to see it.

Love the vehicles though.

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I've only seen Tron: Legacy and Tron: Uprising. The more I knew about the Tron Universe, the better it just... became. I'm constantly entranced by the aesthetic of the new material. Plus, the vehicle and object designs by Daniel Simon are pure beauty.


This is a little late but a few weeks ago Tron 3 was announced to be cancelled, which really blows. They already had actors confirmed and filming was supposed begin in August. Disney claims that the reasoning was that they couldn't find any available time slots in their schedule to release it (which I call BS) There are a lot of theories going around as to why it was really cancelled some of the most credible ones include

Disney always seems to treat it Sci-Fi films with less love. If you need examples just look at Black Hole, Treasure Planet, and John Carter. The only exception to this rule has been Lilo and Stitch which got 3 sequels and a show and now Star Wars.

One of the reasons Disney originally picked up Tron was to compete with Star Wars back in the day with their own franchise. Now that they own Star Wars, that makes Tron more obsolete.

The previous movie Tron Legacy got some mixed lukewarm reviews. Even the original film wasn't as popular when it came out. The cult following came later.

The announcement came coincidentally around the time Tomorrow land hit theatres, another poorly handled Disney Sci-Fi bust. Its not to far fetched to say this was the final nail that sealed the coffin.

Disney is basically living off Marvel and Star Wars right now anyway so there isn't much need for Tron for quite a while.

Just needed to get that off my chest. For me its like what Age of Ultron or The Force Unleashed means for most other people here. Try to imagine if one of those films got canceled. I know a lot of people on this site (let alone the rest of the world) would probably be disappointed.


Ya know...I'm somehow not as beat-up about this as I think I should be.
Maybe it stems from the fact that I think it would be hard (an understatement) to make a TRON movie without Kevin Flynn who they killed-off in Legacy.

Also, Legacy didn't really work for me. The graphics, while great, didn't really convey the "inside a computer" look that the first one did. To me it looked more like real-life based off TRON.

(Warning: spoilers for a five-year-old movie inbound.)
And them killing-off Flynn was really what made Legacy fall from "great" to "good", in addition to the aforementioned graphics.

So...I guess I was more worried about how they were going to mess up one of my favorite franchises rather than exited about a new TRON movie.

And I haven't seen enough of TRON: Uprising to make a valid conclusion on that (an error I plan to correct), but I've heard that it was good. I guess if I had seen that I might have had more faith in how well they could pull it off.