Trooper Carnifex

Hey everyone! I’m new to this board and thought the best way to introduce myself would be a MOC since that’s what I’n most interested in when it comes to Lego. You may already have heard of me as “Icemonster” from that one video Ven did on one of my old MOCs, the Tataramoa.

So yeah, onto the topic at hand

Click here for the full gallery for more angles and poses.

Not much to say about this guy as I’m not one much for stories, he’s your run-of-the-mill video game protagonistic future soldier, probably genetically and/or cybernetically enchanced for alien/ demon/whatever extermination. Mostly built out of last month’s hype for the DOOM sequel, but also as a study in shape consistency and humanoid physique.

Thanks for taking a look and you can be sure I’ll keep sharing more of my stuff here soon!


This is a really good MOC! And i’m calling @Ghangsty to see this…

Wait what
Also, that is amazing

Really cool!

I didn’t even realize this was Lego at first.
This is ridiculously amazing.


This is dank.

Thanks a lot everyone!

This looks sweet

This is a well put together MOC. I think, however, the color scheme is slightly broken by the weapon. I know, in video games, it is common to pick up a random weapon, but I think it might be best to go with a standard weapon that looks as though this character was “deployed” with it. Again, this is just what I think. It is my opinion that the color of the gun clashes with the character itself.

All that aside, I really like the look of this MOC.

Oh man, I saw this guy on Flickr, he’s amazing Iooking. I love that gun. Great work!


I really like this moc. First off, “Carnifex”, which is a Roman executioner I think, is really represented well in this moc, especially with what looks like a cross on the helmet. The color scheme also looks a bit Roman, especially the dark red. I also like the hands and head of the moc and how smooth it looks. The weapon also looks awesome.

Sees title

Sees MOC

In all seriousness, this MOC is beautiful. It flows so well, looks so good, and the alternate parts uses blow me away!


To be fair, this does have some resemblance to a scout marine.

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It would need bigger shoulder pads.

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This is beautiful, an absolutely great use of both the normal and mutated versions of the Great Huna. The custom is another nice touch and flows well with his overall design.

This is beyond amazing.

The mix between CCBS, system, and technic works beautifully to the point of near perfection. The best bit is probably his blaster which looks perfect in the model’s hands.


I thought that too[quote=“Toa_Maleko, post:13, topic:25550, full:true”]
To be fair, this does have some resemblance to a scout marine.

Nah has more resemblance to a tau warrior to me

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Very beatiful MOC, it certainly pulls of the soldier look really well.

I was expecting you to join the board, great shaping overall.

Welcome to the boards, and a great MOC to start things off! :slight_smile: