"True Vahi" found? Theory discussion

Okay so... all through the G2 story line, we have been teased with images of the Vahi here and there... just a throw back right?

OOOHKAY. So apparently its a real thing now... Infact, the protectors used its power to call the toa from the temple of time... Makes sense...

But it has been stated that the because the vahi looks like half a mask, we might be getting to see the full mask, right? Then people just spam photoshopped the vahi onto protector masks because it kind of makes sense... except, they have already shown us the other piece! See, the Vahi as we know it looks like the referenced 'lower' piece, while the 'upper' piece is held elsewhere... But above they very CLEARLY have the 'lower' piece right?

Well, they weren't talking bottom jaw piece and upper helmet piece, by the fact that the protectors mentioning the have the 'upper' half... its the piece that goes OVER the 'lower' half.

remember this thing in the beautiful 2014 leaks?

At first you wouldn't think much of it, until... you see a vahi shaped imprint on the lower part of the mask... and even a hole that could fit the Gen1 connector?

The protectors have the upper half that goes over the mouth part, the vahi as we know it... and the lower half is somewhere else! Holy crap am I hyped.

Now, in Gen 1 (yes I know, hard reboot, just hear me out) Tahu states after using the vahi himself, that it was nearly impossible to control.

And in Gen 2, we see TWO masks going completely out of control... The Mask of Ultimate Power, and the Mask of Control. Both are so strong they take over the user.

Its very likely, the rule Ekimu and Makuta made about not giving masks more than one power, was because the vahi had shown to be too strong, so it was broken into two pieces and those were separated.

I would LOVE to see a year where wave 1 releases the lower half that was spoiled in 2014 as a mask the toa are trying to keep away from the obligatory bad guy... and wave 2 has the Gen2 updated vahi that can connect together with the other, making a full, 'True Vahi.'

But... then... would it be too powerful? Even persay, for a Toa of Time?


I can kinda see it

It's a possibility, I guess. I still think the MoUP is a more likely candidate because if it were a half mask with more than half the power it would explain the instability. :wink:

That mask is a prototype though, and would have to be redesigned for the Vahi to actually connect. (As it is the nose is in the way, for example.)

What I like most about this theory is that it recognises that "upper" doesn't necessarily mean "covers the forehead", which is something I tried to explain on the previous Vahi topic. :smile:


In pretty sure that the mask from the 2014 leaks was retconned, but I can kind of see what your going for.


I always thought of the vahi as being a Dr. Fate-esque mask. It takes over the user, yes, but is also sort of sentient. It takes into account the state of the universe. IT saves everyone and everything, not the user.


like the mask of life?


I suppose the axel from the G1 Vahi would go through the hole in the Leaks Vahi, but the nose on the LV looks like it'd be a problem.

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so... like this?

only if I we got any resolution pic of the masks...


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The mouth hole defintiely seems designed to allow a pin to go through. Possibly so the Vahi can slot through fitting onto a head with a pin for a mouth. Alternatively we'd see a re-designed version of the Mask Of Time/Vahi where it connects differently and clips onto the front of this mask. This may only be one half of the mask.


Wouldn't go around calling this a leak, people may actually believe it is a leak and those could be removed under the leak policy (even old one's)

This isn't a leak anyway, it was actually printed on a polybag.

Kind of, but the Vahi would be smaller you can see indents on the 'prototype mask'

This is kind of what i am expecting for 2017;
- Winter Wave Hero set with the G2 styled Mask Of Time Half
- Summer wave Makuta with the Mask Of Ultimate Power and a redesigned Vahi/Mask Of Time Half

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then maybe like this?

No. It was confirmed at the beginning of the line that the Vahi was in it.

We already knew this in the summer of 2015.

That image is most likely a placeholder in the comic.

This is a theory I've seen many times, and I really doubt that that is the Vahi.

That's a cool theory. I like this.


maybe the Vahi has to halves because Makuta made one half and Ekimu made the other


If that were the case, if we dont get the lower half of the mask in this generation Im gonna multi-stab lego.

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The problem with this is that there is supposedly no record of the design of the Lower Half of the mask of Time.

If Ekimu made / posessed the mask at some point, where did it and all records of it go?
And how can Ekimu have made the Lower Half if it is the Vahi?

P.S. The mouth hole isn't even perfectly circular, so I think it's a bit of a stretch to say it's "definitely" a pin hole. Also, the Vahi's connector pin has the horizontal "bar", like most Kanohi, which also needs to fit.


Dont care, they need to complete the Vahi, and make it obtainable to complete in this gen.

Looks about right. But its the nose on the so called "new vahi" that gets me. this image could be a prototype but this is otherwise a solid theory.

One thing that occured to me, if they did release both halves in G2 set form, it could be possible to have 2 separate masks that can combine to make the full Vahi. The Lower Half would connect the standard way, and the upper half could somehow be built to be able to connect by the pin/axle connection used for the eye-stalks.

However, it is still most likely that the mask from the '14 leaks was just a placeholder or something. It'd still be freakin' sweet if we did get a complete G2 Vahi. :smiley:

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I can see that.

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Yeah, something along those sorts of lines - where it kind of stays in-line with the general shape of the underneath mask. Either way i still feel we will get this prototype mask eventually, it doesn't really seem to fit as a prototype for the Mask Of Creation.

Pretty much this, its important we get at least one half of the Mask Of Time released because the protectors used it to summon the Toa and not releasing it would be unfortunate (Even if its essentially the G1 Vahi)

The other half i feel should be released because otherwise its just re-doing an aspect of G1. I also like the symbolism and idea of a G1 styled element combining with a G2 styled element to form something better than either separately.