Trust Levels

Mods and masters can do that, so yes.

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I’m a master. Do you know how to do it?

There should be a button near the title of a topic that looks like a pencil. It allows you to edit the title as well as the category in which the topic is in.

Perhaps I should have worded my question better. What I want to do is move a string of replies to a different topic.

Oh, that

That’s something that only the mods can do.

I see. Well, if any mods see this,
In the I know where Marendar is going... topic, there is a discussion that is a bit off-topic. I think that it should be moved to the BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions topic.

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theres a special tool for this

it’s called



Huh? What is Flagging?

I’m being sarcastic

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I actually wanted to suggest this. The discussion there is really getting off topic.

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I’m a master now too.

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Okay, thank you. I knew about flagging, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to flag the 20+ replies

The discussion has been moved :+1:


Do RPs count as community projects?

No. I don’t you have to be a specific trust level to host a RP.

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Correct, you don’t need a particular trust level to host RPs. There are limits to how many RPs you can run without special permission, but there are more details about that in the RP forum.


I’ve got some questions about how to stay master. So is it for 2 weeks I am ‘safe’ but after that I could lose it? Also how much content do I need to read and comment on? I don’t want to force what I comment on but I’m confused about does it need to be fresh topics or can I still comment on topics I’ve already participated in?
Edit: do I do the RRR rhyme in this case?

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No, it hasn’t been over a 3 weeks.

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Most of this is explained in the first post but I’ll try and lay it out here:

  1. The system checks users daily, with those that meet the requirements for master avoiding the check for two weeks. If the user meets the requirements, once those two weeks are up, the system checks the user again and the process may repeat. However, if a user with master fails this check for two consecutive weeks, they get demoted to protector

  2. Reading and commenting rates stay the same. Basically, as long as you keep reading at least 60% of the new topics you should be good on that front. In regards to commenting, as long as you have replied to at least 100 different topics in the last 100 days from when the check was done, you should be good on that front

  3. While you can reply to topics you’ve already commented in, unless the last time you replied was more than 100 days ago, they won’t count towards the total (due to having already been counted)

Hope that answers your questions

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where might i go to do this?


One of the master abilities is making your post a wiki, so that other people can edit it.

Here, I’ll demonstrate with this post; you should be able to edit it.

I don’t know of any wiki topics on the boards, though.

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Excuse me, how do I figure out what trust level I am? I need to know so I can keep track.