TTV Asks You!

This sounds awesome. I would love to see this. You guys are awesome smiley

I realize it's been quite a while, but NaNoWriMo is finally upon us. Though I realize that it generally isn't used for fanfiction, I think it's a good motivator for me to just get some writing done.

I realize we've kind of built it up, though, so in order to tithe you over, I will be live writing the serial for the rest of the month. What this means is that I'll be writing this all in a Google document, which is hosted on drive and can be accessed by anyone. You guys can also leave comments on the document, if you want to, and see the story progress over the month.

I don't think that I'll be hitting the 50,000 word mark, but I will be trying my best. It depends on where the story goes. For me, this is all going to be an experiment in my writing style and how I decide to lead/develop characters. I'm not going to try and pass myself off as a good writer, though; there's going to be a lot of problems in this that'll see some huge edits before release on the forums. =P

Right now I've only got a small bit of it up, but it should hopefully be fleshed out in the future. Starting a story off is always the hardest part for me; I sometimes wish I could jump right into the parts I find the most entertaining. But hey, there you go.


Yes! Is this your first year or are you a NaNoveteran?

Ooooh! I look forward to reading this!
Probably going to want to back this up every so-often, because this is the internet, and I've seen lots of works of genuine art destroyed by people on the internet with nothing better to do.

Please shown us, PLEASE!

Good opening. Grabs your attention and gets you reading.

yes. just yes

But here's the major question Mr. @Kahi, will there be a Stan Lee Cameo?


I look forward to reading this smile

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Okay so I gotta ask, why do people keep liking my posts from ages ago, are they actually funny or something


no invi

they like in the hope that it will transport you home

and also because you are funny but thats besides the point


Why would I want to go home, if I wanted to be home then I'd be at home right now


In any case in which I am the Liker in Question, this happens to be the case, yah.


I always thought you just got kidnapped by a wild pack of Mormons or something.



Well there's nothing to say that that didn't happen


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That actually doesn't happen, for the old posts at least. I did have like 700+ notifications when I first logged back in though, most of the time it's mod stuff


open_mouth ... and I thought 10 was a lot... open_mouth


Highest I got was 21, but that was because I was gone for 4 days


I am curious if ttv will ever ask us about something new..


I so believe it is getting close to some college's exams, so they're probably too busy to do stuff like this currently.