TTV Asks You!

Alright, I'll ask a question.

What series (aside from History of Bionicle and On Air) would you guys want us to make? What would you be interested in seeing? Related to Bionicle, of course, but anything works as well.


I'd like to see how you and Kahi would continue Bionicle in audio book format. And put it on Audible. XD

On a slightly more serious note, I personally have enjoyed watching/listening to TTV play games as a group. Like the choose your own adventure book reading, FNAF, and of course MNOG. Possibly playthroughs of other Bionicle games and/or other games with varying cast members could be fun (as all of you at once wouldn't work as well if it's a 1 player game) Something clever, you guys are better at coming up with content than me obviously stuck_out_tongue

I still want to see more of those Dragonology read-throughs.

Seriously, though, reviews of fan-fiction/other story. I believe this was suggested for EXX once (or Takuma, I don't recall)


Maybe some purely sketch shows? Like a minute-long video commenting on some aspect of Bionicle.


I want a show that takes a given subject, and just has Eljay and @Kahi going at it with debates on said subject.

No interference from other members to break it up, just straight up back and forth saltyness all around.


I would love to see ttv comics using puns out of the latest podcast! Using the On Air art work wouldn't be a bad idea either wink

Create a series focusing on the cannon culture of one species per episode. (ex. Skakdi or Bohrok) It could be almost like a mini-documentary for each species.


I would like to see a series detailing the events of the Applego Wars.


Yes, please, bring back Debate Corner.


Some sort of play-through for Bionicle: The Game and Bionicle Heroes (and maybe the portable games, too).

I would love to see you guys do a game-night with @TakumaNuva 's RPG if it ever gets finished.


My retrospective


I'm still a big fan of this idea, but first we'd need the fanfics for it. I haven't really seen any candidates but I haven't really been looking either. Maybe when I have the time to pick up a series like this there'll have to be some form of submission process.

I don't know how viable this would be, but I kind of like this idea.

One hundred and seventeen pages of rules and regs have been more or less completed. It's by no means completely comprehensive, but I've just about got it in a state that is playable and ready for "beta testing".

As a segue off of that, I have a question now. I've got a pretty solid idea of the overall theme of the campaign I intend to run with this RPG, but what kind of story elements would you guys like to hear? Large-scale War? Mystery? Elite assassination/hit-and-run mission? Political negotiations with dire consequences? A great escape?


I would like to see a "Week in Review" style show similar to SNL's bit, but more focused on the Lego community and similar interests such as superheroes and such.


Ok @Eljay , I got a legit idea for you. I spent way to much time thinking it up and now I've got a ton of details on the idea so I will condense it best I can and I may present it in a very scatterbrained manner. ANYWAY, here is my presentation of it:

I have long enjoyed shows on YouTube like ClevverMovies' Fanboy Faceoff, Batinthesun's Superpower Beatdown, and Screwattack's DeathBattle. One thing I've often thought was missing from these shows was BIONICLE. Afterall, Bionicle's got quite a few powerhouses and all around cool characters. So my idea for you is a BIONICLE V.S. show, where two TTV hosts debate/examine who would win in a fight between a Bionicle character (either G1 or G2) and either another Bionicle or a character from another franchise, generally ones that match up in skill sets. The intro could be similar to playing a round of Smash Bros. with an animation of P1 and P2 selecting TTV host's Avatars to debate for this character or another. There could also be a ? Random option that would select a guest host, possibly someone from the forums that's knowledgeable on a character. Then, after the hosts have debated/examined the characters abilities and traits you leave it to the audience to go to the message boards and vote on who would win. Then in the next vid you announce the winner of the previous challenge. As a possible spin off show of that you could make sprite animations, similar to TTV on Air, of the characters' battle. Though that would admittedly be a lot more work stuck_out_tongue

Of course, I'm not asking for a clone of the 3 shows I mentioned at the begining, I'd want to see TTV put their own spin on it. It'd be pretty cool methinks.


Mystery is always a plus in my book. smile


I know this is a bit off topic but do classic or recent game reviews....

Topic spotlight! A short video of a few TTV cast members analyzing/answering a topic on the boards and giving their thoughts over posts of that topic wink

It would be quick to record, edit, and publish + it could be easy to bring out weekly!

Also I had an idea I told @TenebraeInvictus on Steam back during the cast auditions! He probably doesn't remember though disappointed_relieved

I had the idea that the TTV crew could do a voice over on the Bionicle comics. Where each cast member would voice over certain characters: such as you voicing Lewa's lines, or var voicing Pohatu! I thought of it because I know some people feel that reading is a chore and that tho would make it not just interesting, but entertaining to some that can find it boring. During that time you guys had viper's show in the works, so it would have been a little too much to have two shows over the story laughing


Only when reading YA thrillers.