TTV Brickheadz: Requests Closed

The rest will be posted later today, but for now, enjoy the first two (yes, these are inspired by @Power.Mocs’s @Eljay, but these are more MOC-based than reality-based.):



@Jon (Kahi)

@Ven (om)

@Phweffie (Viper).


(I honestly couldn’t make heads or tales of the back, but something was going on back there.)


Kini (I know he’s not there anymore, but I wanted to try to make an Avoki)




updated @Phweffie

updated @IllustriousVar

updated @TakumaNuva

winged @Mesonak

The cast is done!
(hey, since the last member who made portraits of the cast became a member, maybe…)

@Rota_Lorem man, this was the hardest one yet by far, but it is an amazing self MOC.)



@Coolio, faceless @Eljay.

@Plural Ricky, whomever that is.

@Monarth the dream warden.




@Ghosty (Sukeru)

@Political_Slime (Squidward Minifig)

@MaximusPrime (Grimlock)






@MrBoltTron, Bythalis. (Man, this guy was a challenge! it did make him one of the funnest to build, though. Also, doesn’t ‘Bythalis’ sound more Greek than Japanese? I mean, he is a ninja.)


@MaximusPrime (Shovel Knight)

@ThatOneMOCist (Seva)


@Jal (Galza, The Thief)

@yolo360nosescope (Htes)



@Tobin-Bartram (Xenomorph from Alien)

@Toa_Mata_Pinata (Predator)

@LTVmocs (A Floating Captain Phasma head, as requested)

You could be next! Just leave a request with reference photos in the comments!


These are amazing. Meso looks the best (no offense Var)


Thank you! What’s the problem with Var, though?


Bummer. I was gonna do these before anyone else did!

Haha. Nevertheless, these are fantastic. Meso strikes the perfect balance, I think, and he’s my favorite.


@ IllustriousVar

Both look very nicely made so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I will say that Meso’s head design really appeals to me. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the cast!


Nice job, would you consider taking requests?

I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s not a bad idea! Perhaps after I finish the cast, I’ll do that. However, since you asked first, I’ll do you if you can send me a picture.
@Xevins, thanks!


I enjoy this mucho! I only wish I had the parts to recreate these, lol. I look forward to seeing the rest of the cast, especially myself cuz duh.


Looking good!

Nothing at all. The Meso figure just looks more interesting what with the teeth and chains.

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Ven’s Chubby face is one of the best things I’ve seen all week.

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There remains Eljay, Purple, etc.

They’ll be here by the end of the day.

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When you do Eljay, you should give him a red pin somewhere visible for the heck of it.


An exquisite idea!


I wonder how much it would cost to actually build one of these IRL…

Yooooo that brickhead is lit.

“Just enough water, 10/10” - IGN

Thank you! I had a bit of trouble with the mouth, but overall yours was one of the ones who went together faster.

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sadly not sold in a lego store near you. :confused: