TTV Brickonicle Contest Entry- Bahrag Cavern Battle

Here is my entry for the newest TTV contest, where users build a character, vehicle, or moment from Bionicle out of standard bricks. This is the set I chose to make! Just keep in mind that the minifig heads are just prototypes/placeholders for miniature versions of their masks.

Set Name- Bahrag Cavern Battle

Minifigures- Kopaka Nuva, Matoro, and Kohrok

Build- Bahrag (Cahdok) and a small underground outpost

Piece Count- 721 Pieces

Retail Price- $75.00 (US Currency)

Join Kopaka and Matoro in an epic duel, as they descend into the best of the Bohrok lord, The Bahrag. With the ability to summon Bohrok at will, along with its sheer strength, the Bahrag is a definitely formidable foe. It will take all they’ve got for the two Icy heroes to defeat the monstrous Bahrag and save Mata Nui from the Bohrok hoards.

Play Features- Fully articulated Bahrag, Rock Catapult, Ice Launchers

Thanks for reading! This build took hours to nail, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Please comment below! It also just so happens that my birthday is just a couple days ahead of the ending of the contest, so placing in the top three would be pretty cool. I’ll just have to see how the Bahrag does! Well, thanks and see you later!


Holy crap this is cool. If the mouth could properly fully close, this would definitely be one of my favorite system mocs.


Wow quick reply! Thanks! I really wanted to emphasize the teeth, like the original, explaining the mouth gap.


I had just finished checking all the mocs I had missed, and I saw a new post.

But yeah, I get the teeth thing. It just removes a bit of realism when the mouth is see-through, both open (through the back) and closed (not fully closed).

It’s by no way a really bad thing, as it still looks really good with the mouth open.


I love it!

The bohrok is kinda “meh,” but I get that there are may restrains while building with system in real life! Nice job and good luck with the contest!

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That Bahrag is well executrices, the shaping is pretty nice but I can see the hind legs with some posing issues.

@JonBlueFire To be honest, making that Bohrok the correct Scale was probably one of the hardest parts, but I think it turned out decent for the scale. Thanks for the comment!

@Square While posing can be a little difficult at times, the legs surprisingly are actually pretty sturdy. Thanks for the comment!

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While the build is really cool I would have liked to see more action features on it

Oh… my… god… that’s awesome. That is AWESOME!!! That bahrag design is amazing and even if it was $100 I would buy it purely because of the head. If you did this in LDD then you could make a second bahrag… and a better bohrok. I’m sorry man. But still this set is amazing and I wouldn’t be surprised If you got in the top 3.

I used inspiration from the Ninjago Dragon builds, which in themselves don’t have many play features, but I agree that I could definitely used more. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the comment! I was planning on making another Bahrag as possibly a smaller set, but this build took up a big chunk of joint pieces.

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This is really good! I hope you win at least second place!

The moc is really nice, but 70€? That makes me cry

Yeah I tried getting the piece Count as low as possible, but you can only do so much ya know?

Wow, all these mocs just make me want system Bionicle more. Really nice job!

Great MOC! This is exactly what system bionicle should be. The Bahrag seems a little too big, but no complaints about that, it makes it look even more intimidating (btw, where’s Gahdok?). The only thing I would rework a little bit is the tail: I would make it so that it keeps the nice curve the original set has.

I feel the techniques utilized by the Ninjago dragons really does Cahdok justice, making for a well shaped and imposing figure. The catapult and ice launcher are nice additions, too.

Cool representation of Cahdok. Would love to see her sister though :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I would have loved to make them both, I don’t have the parts inventory. All my joint pieces are being used, and I personally don’t like the finished look of models in LDD. Another Bahrag would likely have to be another set. Thanks for the comment!

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I shall compose an ode to honor that Bahrag.

Love that Bahrag!