TTV Episode 142 Discussion Topic

So here it is.

BTW here's my theory on how Takutanuva brought back Jaller.

What if the great mask's are all linked? So when the Krahkan and Avohkii merged the link doubled and it gained the ability to communicate with the Ignika and siphoned some of it's power so it could bring back Jaller?


But the avohkii isn't a legendary. It's uncommon, sure, but not legendary.

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It isn't?

The only Legendary Kanohis are the Vahi, Ignika, and The Mask Of Creation.


... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

I think any mask there's only one of should be legendary...

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I know this isn't true, but what if jaller went to the red star, then takatanuva teleported him back? Also, were getting off topic. The podcast was gr8!

they said in the podcast that greg said that no one on mata nui (island) went to the red star when they died

I know...

oops srry

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Last podcast:
No Var, Ven, Viper or Exx+Bionicle News=Boring
This podcast:
Var, Viper, Exx, Takuma, Eljay+No News=HILARIOUS!

Also, no one has really given their opinions on the animation(s). Half of them talked for like five minutes. Everyone should give opinions.

@Oniwah Yo, Oniwa, shipping cast members is against the rules, remember?


Yea I guess I forgot

The freaking Birds With Arms.

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Sorry @Chronicler


Going with when Var theorized that reborn jaller is a shadow copy, what if Jaller also has dormant shadow powers?

Anyways, this episode was amazing. It was hilarious and I love the ideas presented in relation to mask of life.

Also: what does the avoheeheehee look like?


When Meso was talking about misinterpreting Exx's avatar, I was thinking, Doritos. Then, @Viper mentioned Doritos! It must have been a shout out! All my dreams have come true!!!

Can we stop saying love is not cannon and start saying Eros is not cannon? : P

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this was a good episode, seeing Eljay was surprisingly neutral during the whole love discussion is something I didn't expect

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How about this?

Jaller's mask has his imprint so when he dies Takutanuva just amplifies it to the point it brings him back to life....

I know it sucks..

BTW awesome podcast!

Wouldn't it also have an imprint of Lhikan because it was his mask before Jaller?

Gosh this is confusing.

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