TTV Episode 194 Discussion

Check out Episode 194 over on Vessel right now!

Sorry it wasn’t up last night, unforseen issues and a need for sleep prevented it. ;_;



Eljay at his worst, again. He just keeps dropping down the rungs on my favorite TTV cast member ladder.

I would just like to say I would be extremely disappointed if TTV changed their current names (except maybe with the exception of Viper-Pheffy as Viper isn’t the most interesting name)…

As much as I would prefer them not to, it wouldn’t actually affect the quality of the show

What? Cast members might change their names? I wish I had early access…

You don’t need early access to watch the podcast.

Vessel won’t work on my Kindle anyway T_T

I asked someone who actually knows something about 3D printing.

Apparently Eljay is right: no, you can’t print a banana.


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But isn’t the wrath of Var incentive enough to get it out on time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kiixaar at his worst, again. He just keeps dropping down the rungs on my favorite TTV Message Board member ladder.

I honestly do not care nor know what bothered you this episode, although I bet it was the mooks with the Skrall shield. I’m team Cap, not Tuma. =P


@Eljay well apparently you can print food, maybe you can print a banana.

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This is very old news. =P We went over this when the others said you could peel a car.

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Okay then…
All I said that it looked like it, I never implied a connection, (I really want to stress that I never said “connection”) I just wanted to state my piece.
And BTW, I have glasses already.

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I have the perfect picture for people who still don’t understand the vessel thing


I haven’t actually watched the episode yet, but from what I’ve gathered is that
@Eljay’s jimmies=rustled

The RPG ;-;

My interpretation of this podcast.
Sorry for the fact it is poorly drawn. I was using a mouse to draw, which is really hard, and I had to get to class and stuff so… yeah. Not my best.
And, no, I don’t actually think Eljay is crazy. This episode just had some really bizarre conversations that taken out of context, (and frankly even in context) are extremely funny.


Eljay was coming unhinged…

Holy heck.

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Nooooo. Don’t change ur names!!,

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