TTV Episode 200 Discussion

It has finally happened! TTV has achieved the epic milestone of 200 Episodes! :smiley: Check it out over on Vessel right now, and please share your thoughts with us!



Congrats! Been here since ep. 100 (approximately)… which wasn’t that long ago… :blush:


It was 100 episodes ago, to be precise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats on the big 200 guys. I can’t wait for the next 200

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I have been here…since episode 50…

I feel old, and so do you.

Congrats guys.


Congratulations on reaching episode 200 guys! Can’t wait to see you guys eventually get to episode 300. KUTGW!! :smiley:

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Congrats on 200. Can’t wait for more, as each one seems to be better than the last. :smiley:

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I’ve seen maybe 2 full episodes lol
I guess this is gonna be my third full episode


Alright! Now I can say this without stuttering like a nincompoop, or what ever.

TL;DR: Thank you!
Long version:

Y’all have been entertaining us for a LONG time! I know I’ve probably said “Thank you” way too much, but seriously! I first joined the community back when you made that one leak video about the Bionicle cardboard stand thingy. Which makes it basically 1.1/2 years ago! You’ve entertained me for THAT long! This has been one (and a half lol) of the best years ever!

The TTV: Cival war has definitely been one of my year highlights,(That and my senpai’s noticing me \ [* u *]/) It was so fun interacting with everyone, posting memes, posting GIF’s and 1V1-ing someone on Minecraft! XD And that trailer was absolute GOLD!

And Thank you so much for listening to my cover of your podcast theme, heck even adding it in the 200th podcast itself!

I’m going to stop myself here as I feel like i’m going a little off topic. (xPsorry)
But thank you so so much for the past year and a half, every single one of you are amazing, even the board members!

Congratulations for 200 episodes of the TTV Podcast

Drive safe peeps

Celebration livestream?


Congratulations on the 200, also fittingly enough probably one of my favourite episodes in recent memory, even if it’s just for the final half where everyone talks about the past which had a lot of really funny moments.

“The best thing to do to be a gentleman is take a woman home and play some Cookie Clicker.” Someone turn this into an inspirational quote image. :stuck_out_tongue:


I made This


I wish I could watch it, but Vessel never loads for me D:

But anyway, congrats on 200 episodes, guys! I’ve been watching you guys since 107, after finding you when the first BIONICLE 2015 leak came out.


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Congratulazioni! Not one of the funniest, but certainly memorable :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t believe you guys have been around this long. I kind of watched TTV videos every now and then but didn’t really start listening to the podcasts regularly until last year. So congratulations!

You knew someone would share this eventually

Yay, Meso joins the Quake Beast fan club!

I’m super excited to watch this.



I’ve really got to learn not to drink things while listening to the podcast… You guys are Great!!!


I would just like to thank TTV for all they’ve done over the past few years. Without you I would have probably forgotten about BIONICLE and you are quite honestly my favorite youtubers(vesselers?) and I’m really excited to see the future of one of BIONICLE’s largest fanbases.

Thank you for everything

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Congrats on 200 episodes! I’ve enjoyed listening since roughly 108 and can’t wait to listen to another hundred episodes. :grinning: