TTV Episode 202 Discussion

Hey everybody, TTV Episode 202 is now up on Vessel! Check it out and let us know what you think.



YAY! This is the first Podcast since 198 I’ve had my computer.

Well, lots of Juan memes, some Bionicle discussion, and an excellent title for the episode.
This episode was IMHO as funny as the previous one, entertaining, (and more noodlelicious =P).


Oh look, its not delayed.


That was a very funny podcast

Such a great episode 10/10 would watch again.

Meso tried so hard and got so far but in the end he can’t keep them under control

Eljay don’t ever bring that up again. I have accepted my defeat. :sweat_smile:

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Another good episode!
Very… memeable :wink:
So, most you know the drill by now,
here’s the interp.

Actually, Viper, if you see this, what is your preferred overwatch character?
and I guess that goes for the rest of the cast as well. I would prefer to represent you guys as your favorites, as I’m sure overwatch jokes will happen again.

“If only I could be so grossly memeable” -Solaire. Juan Souls.

Gotta give credit to the original drawing. I traced this as this was the image I pictured, so props to who ever drew the original!

Odd things seem to be happening in TTV land…

Not my best work, probably should be spelled “Weagulls” now that I think about it… Moving on!

Yeah… I’m drowsy so that’s why these weren’t that great. Though I do enjoy “Praise the Juan” and the return of the time travelling muaka cat… who knows what that will lead to?
Anyways… adios!
…oh! Did you find all the kahis?


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I had to make this

@prpldragon for the Meso and Vars faces


“Ho ho, don’t worry, I get that look all the time…” Solaire, Juan Souls, Scholar of the Law School Edition.

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Okay so I finally got around to watching the episode, I am laughing so much it hurts! I love these off-the-rails type episodes, but only once in a while. Two in a row is great, I’m eagerly awaiting to see how Episode 203 will turn out… Anarchic or Axiomatic?


I posted this in another topic (Bionicle: The Journey to Juan Continues (With You!)), but…
And please, no Juans

Star Wars edition

Featuring Juan as the Great Pumpkin

Becoming a conductor

Where’s Juan?


Hilarious episode. Here’s hoping Viper keeps posting memes in the chat!


Should’ve been Episode Juan.

But @Spider-Ven pls the “ju-an” kills my soul.
Kahi is so memeable. Combine this new meme with the older one.