TTV forum users as Matoran, Make your requests here

So basically, if you haven’t read @Nyran’s topic “Cool people”, we’ve been making Matoran versions of forum users with Matoran maker 2.0. Then on the topic [Unity day][1] Nyran had everyone’s together in a group shot. That gave me this idea- to make this topic where everyone can list what they want there Matoran to look like and then once I have about 50 or so, we can have one giant group shot of them all.

When posting on this topic, please only post once as to what you want your Matoran to look like OR an image of the Matoran you made yourself if you downloaded Matoran maker 2.0

Example of what a request should look like:
“Black Miru
Red eyes(Eye color is optional)
Black body and arms
Grey feet”

Also keep in mind there are plenty of different kanohi to choose from, and not just the original 12 the Toa Mata and Turaga wore.

It is never too late to join.



Black Kiril
Blue eyes
Black body
White arms/feet (if that’s possible, otherwise just white feet)

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Here is mine:

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And what if we already have our matoran in Nyran’s picture? Could you use the Unity Day requests?

Yeah, forgot to mention that.
Anyone who’s already listed there matoran on the Cool people or Unity day topic is taken care of.
Just post them here from now on if you haven’t however.

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Light Bluish Grey Tryna
Green Eyes
Metru Blue Body and Arms
Light Bluish Grey Feet

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I’m moving this to Community; it kind of fits that forum better.


black Akaku
blue eyes
Black body and arms
Grey feet"

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Here’s me:

Made by @JakuraNuva


Blue Faxon,
Maroon legs,
maroon arms,
Gold body,
Orange eyes

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I need a green Kakama, green feet, but a Hewkii-Tan torso.

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EDIT: Wait, can eye color be changed to blue? Anyone know how to do that?

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Good enough?

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I would love to be in the shot! I’m pretty sure you know my Matoran, it was in the Clifthorse crew group shot.

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I’m not in there…? I said info already.

Yeah, not in there. don’t know if you didn’t read my comment of forgot to put it on. :confused:

Yeah, don’t know why but Nyran didn’t notice your comment either. Weird.
But it’s listed on your profile.
I’ll add it later.

I love this. Someone needs to take this and make a mug shot scene :stuck_out_tongue:

Maroon Mahiki
Black body and arms
Maroon feet


Are krana compatible with this program?