TTV: Journey to Done (BrickFair Virginia 2019 Vlogs)

Hi guys, thought I’d make a topic here for the vlog series I’m finally working on for TTV’s trip to Brickfair Virginia 2019. I’ve only released the first couple of episodes so far but currently the goal is to release them on Wednesdays and Fridays, or at the very least once a week, we’ll see.

Either way, the biggest thing I hope to see from posting them here is feedback, if anyone has some thoughts about how they could be better, what you liked, what you didn’t, what I could be missing out on etc. Feel free to share it!


Thanks for compiling and posting these, Invi! I always loved the old BFVA vlogs and am glad to see that 2019 is getting some as well. :slight_smile: I was at this convention, so I’m going to be paying attention to the background to see if I can spot myself. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait for the next installment!

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Exciting stuff

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Hayley put up an edited version of the House Tour I did with her. It’s subbing out for the Wednesday release of a vlog, and apparently there’s a podcast on that day.

I originally wanted to do this with her because there was a different house tour video I made before Brickfair with another friend of mine and I thought Hayley had the same kind of presentation style. I might put up a link to a full one later on, but she did great work keeping it fun and to the point!

That being said, look forward to a sort-of funny episode on Friday. It’s gonna definitely need it’s sequel next week Wednesday to go along with it.


Is the name being the same as NickonPlanetRipple’s video a coincidence? Granted it’s not the most original pun (no slight meant!).

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It is coincidental. I think I had wanted to use the name, then I looked it up and saw he had used it, but I still thought it was fitting enough that I still wanted to use it anyways. It’s a pretty easy joke to make off of Journey to One. : P

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Trying to keep with my self imposed schedule of Wed/Fri, here’s another one that I feel like is a filler episode but didn’t turn out too bad.


Got a new one debuting in a few minutes. I’m gonna try hard to get one done by Friday but after that I’m done with releasing vids twice a week. :rofl:


…Enjoy. (In all honesty tho this video turned out better than I expected while editing it)


I love how Eljay isn’t phased by the Snickle at all and that Meso actually wanted one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kinda tempted to make one for myself… :eyes:

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Anybody else ever try pickle brine in vanilla ice cream? Absolutely amazing, especially when the ice cream is just-on-the-verge-of-melting soft and smooth.

It went through a bit of drag in development, but I am pretty happy with the final result.