TTV Talks: Topic and Cast List

Here’s where you go to suggest topics that you want to see us cover, and/or a cast list you’d like to see. Due note, of course, that if you want to have a specific cast to discuss a specific topic it’d be best to have a reason as to why you want those people to talk.

There was a request just a little bit ago to have Eljay, Var and Takuma talk about DC Comics, but Eljay and Takuma would probably have nothing to contribute to that (and Var only reads DC from time to time). So if you want a cast list, it’s probably best to choose one that actually makes sense.


I’d like the entire cast to talk about how stupid and dumb that @ToaVuhii guy is.

If I’m serious though, I’d certainly like to see something covering maybe Star Wars? Or possibly a game, like Mass Effect? (I know you guys like that one) Or even your own Message Boards. There are a lot of possibilities.


I have no idea as to what I’d want to see covered, but I really would love a video of just Kahi and Eljay so as to see how quick it’d be before it devolved to arguing and Eljay yelling.

Also because Meso said he wanted to sit out a Chima Episode to see it happen there, but he never ended up doing it.


I honestly have no idea

I’ll see what I can come up with though :slight_smile:

I made this suggestion on youtube and I’m not sure if I should put it here again but a halo discussion would be nice since a lot of you guys seem to play it


I don’t know how many of you read books, but I think a general book discussion would be interesting.

Also this at some point.


I would like a long discussion on the Halo series! I want to hear what you guys think of the franchise being in 343i’s hands, also what form do you enjoy like books, games, short videos. comics, anime(yes, that exists), and figures.


I would know more about Marvel then DC. But what ever it is I’m up for it… whatever… EXCEPT THAT, EW GROSS!

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Of the BIONICLE villains, who is the most evil, most treacherous? Is it the Brakas monkey, or Carapar the lecherous?

But, okay, seriously, could you maybe talk of the new Star Wars movie?


I think you guys should discuss discontinued LEGO themes (Especially from 1995-2005) like Rock Raiders or Alpha Team.


Oh trust me, we know about the anime.


Don’t forget Exo-Force. Or Knights Kingdom. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want an episode where @Eljay, @TakumaNuva, and @Viper talk about Star Wars 7! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock Raiders is loooooove


A discussion of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra would be cool :smiley:.


Gasp I got it! Have Takuma and Exx do a preliminary run of Bird Friday!!! You can have Viper on too for some laughter-quakes. :smiley:


Takuma to talk about Cannibalism.


Talk about… Starwars? No that’s too open. Maybe… The message boards?
Honestly idk…

I said Star Wars 7, not the franchise in general.

This is definitely going to be a topic, since so many of our guys are Halo fans.

Interesting idea.

We will probably do an episode about Star Wars; definitely not with that cast, though.

I’d love to do it. Right now, just three of us have finished Legend of Korra, so that might work out.