TTV 'Toa' Versions

Here is a topic in which I’ll be posting my interpretations of the TTV podcast members as Toa. (Trying out some stuff)
They will be linked to their respective element in the painting version, and I have also other versions of them.
As of now, the only members that I know their element are:
@Eljay / Plantlife
@prpldragon / decided to go with one of the answers she gave on the TTV Q&A Topic: Gravity
@Mesonak / Shadows
@TakumaNuva / Light
@Spider-Ven /Magnetism
@Kahi / Plasma
@exxtrooper / Shadows
@IllustriousVar / Bounty Hunter
@Black_Viper / Toa of Air

###Eljay Toa of Plantlife

Mask: Miru

###Prpldragon Toa of Gravity

Mask: Avsa (I won’t judge you if you didn’t recognized it =P)

###MesonakToa of Shadows

Mask: Volitak

###TakumaToa of Light

Mask: Rode

###VenomToa of Magnetism

Mask: Ruru

###KahiToa of Plasma

Mask: Calix

###ExxtrooperToa of Shadows

Mask: Jutlin (Noble)
The Shadow effect bugs me a bit how it came out tho =/

Varderan Bounty Hunter

Mask: Kakama*

Viper Toa of Air

Mask: Mahiki

For the rest of the TTV podcast members, I’d like to ask for their respective element you’d like to be “associated with” so that I can work on the next ones :wink:

When I finish all of them, I’ll make one with everyone… Or that’s the plan

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.


gosh i adore this
obvious colors aside, i love the cyan spike-like things because that’s exactly something i would add if i made a self-toa :purple_heart:


Glad you liked it! nwn
(Fun fact: I was initially going to add wings, but decided to give a different approach to it, so the spikes were added) well, it isn’t that much of a fun fact…


very nice

are there going to be others?

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oh wow, saw these in the art topic first

these are gr8

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Yes, if they are able to answer the question of their respective element



These look really nice

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These are great.
I really like the Eljay one, especially the lit up version.

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These are really great! I really love the linear designs

Awesome job, I can’t wait to see the others!

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I’d actually like to call prpl the toa of gravy.

Anyhow, nice toa.


I actually like this better.


I love this! The subtle lighting and glow really seals the deal :smile:

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-Sees the art-




These look utterly amazing. As someone who is an unofficial part time critic, this will be the most unprofessional thing I say: I can’t find anything worng with these pictures.

(sigh) I feel inferior again…


I liked this, so what’s makes @Mesonak since he isn’t had a Toa version. Just make him as a Toa of Earth.

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Good Grammar their Spiderus Prime
But this art is AMAZING as Always Xeros


For some reason these designs remind me of Transformers Prime.

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He is coming… But no, not as a Toa of Earth

Also, thankyou all for the comments

Huh, I don’t know why would it be, but I liked TFP’s design, so thanks!

These are super awesome! some of your best work yet!

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