TTVMB Minigames (Online Game)

Well, I got bored and I was like, “Why not make a game”, so that is what I did.

It is basically a set of three, easy minigames chronicling:

I hope you enjoy these less then mediocre Time Wasters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Link Removed until Author has become a Master. Sorry, @PluralLego :cry:.

P.S.It was on a free game creating website and I did the sprites, so that explains why it looks terrible.

EDIT: It’s fine @Waj; I just need to get to that “Master” rank. :blush:

EDIT: Yeah. You can PM me, if you ever want to know how close you are to getting it :smile: - Waj

FINAL EDIT: As I’m nearing towards Master Rank, I’ve decided to revisit the game a bit, updating graphics, adding new levels, etc. Expect a re-release somewhere in October. :wink:



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Wait what?

It’s from the “Ask the Politician” topic. :wink:

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Oh hey, I passed the first level

“Collect all 5 coins in 30 seconds without being”

Without being what?

Also, I love how the obstacles look like the Skull Villain heads


I guess the thing cut off the words. Let me fix that.
[runs to website]

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It’s interesting. GJ, mang.
It’s either really difficult, or I suck at the game.


I’m pretty sure I just fixed it. :wink:

@EvilLobsterKing’s level is impossibru

So I finally got to level 3 and my internet disconnected so it wont load… :angry:

When I was testing it, the level took a good five minutes to actually win.

##I did it. I saved the world! :smiley: :smile:

(Also, I think this’d count as advertising, even if it is a ‘community’ game. But, honestly I don’t know if I should close it… no… yes… maybe… no… probably)


If it counts, I’m totally fine with you closing it.

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Unfortunately, since @PluralLego isn’t a Master yet, this wonderfully entertaining game topic shall be shut down.


For some reason, I can’t edit the main post… Huh.

Well, here’s my set of minigames, based off of the TTV Message Boards.
We have the original three, featuring @Scarilian, @EvilLobsterKing, and @Political_Slime, with some minor tweaks. There’s also a couple of new levels, based off of @Chronicler and @SpookekoaOfJungle CHANGE YOUR NAME BACK .

I hope you enjoy these less than Mediocre Time-Wasters [Now, a bit easier for Scrubs like Pekekoa]


Do you have any recommendations for new levels? Why not tell me a few of them. :smile:


It’s a silly thing where after a short period, posts can’t be edited.

Why? I love it. I’m sticking with it until November 1st.


/s; I just couldn’t find your name


Gah. Wish I could see my level. I can’t beat the dang first one. :frowning:

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TIL i am very bouncy

i dislike this bounciness


I shall give my thoughts when I finally beat all these accursed levels