Tubepanel snake (WIP)

I was looking for some opinions regarding the colour scheme of this thing I’m working on:


Other angles

I’m considering replacing some of the red tubes with tubes of a different colour to avoid the colour scheme getting too stale. I’m very unsure though, so I’ve got two questions I’d appreciate if you could give your opinion on:

  • Should I replace some of the red tubes to introduce a new colour?

  • If so, what colour would go well? If you can’t tell, the technic panels are metallic green, the eyes are dark azure and the feelers are pearl dark gray.

Many thanks in advance for answering or just stopping by!


The red tubes give a good vibe to the MOC, and they’ll do a good thing to stay there. Maybe replace the metallic green plates. I guess you could make them in black, or maybe light blue (if those were ever made into that color) so that they’ll work with the eyes.

Looks great by now, it’s a really interesting idea to use tubes for a snake? How much articulation does it have?

Thanks for the ideas.

Regarding articulation: It actually does not have any. Moving pieces around would be extremely difficult given that ~20 tubes per segment would need to bend. Furthermore, I’m planning to place this thing upright and articulation would easily take away from its ability to not fall over.

Here’s a picture in LDD of what the final build would look like (without the tubes).


The shaping is brilliant

I knew this kind of technique was possible but I’d never seen anyone use it like this.

absolutely 100% keep the metallic green. if you have to replace the red tubes maybe you could introduce a gradient or a pattern with different colors


You know what would look absolutely amazing with the metallic green? Teal. Really cool WIP, but I would recommend fleshing out the face. It just seems flat to me. The exposed axles are also a bit distracting, though that is a bit of a nitpick.